20 May 2015

Bahamian Boho

It has been so hot in The Bahamas, I'm so thankful for the rainy days. So you know hot weather brings cool clothing. One of my favorite trends for the Spring and Summer seasons is the Bohemian look. Now, Bohemian is not to be confused with Bahamian. Bohemian is hippy, carefree way of life and Bahamian is a nationality, which happens to be mine. So I decided to make this trend my own by incorporating a few Bahamian touches.

I absolute love this crochet top, I want to get it in the other colors! The geometric printed palazoo pants are perfect for this hot weather. I normally shy away from pants like these because they tend to hit me at the ankles because I'm taller than the average height but these fitted perfectly. Shout out to my aunt who gifted me with this authentic Bahamian handmade straw bag. The straw bag added a spin to this trend, because if you've ever visited the Bahamas, straw bags are one of our staples.

 Top: Forever 21+ (here) | Bottoms: Forever 21+ | Sunglasses : Forever 21 | Earrings: Forever 21 | 
Straw Bag: Local | Cuff: Mimi's Closet

What do you think of the Bohemian trend? 
Photography by XOEesh


  1. Very cuteeee! I love the bohemian trend, it's very...free lol

  2. You look bomb! I need a straw bag soooo, its so cute. I visited the straw market is so cool and islandy

  3. Love you and your style!

  4. YEEEEESSSSSTTTT honey! Feel like giving away that straw bag? I kid!


  5. you look amazing! beautiful photos.
    Emma xx

  6. cute outfit! I really like your top and your bag!



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