23 April 2015

Menow Long Lasting Lip Glosses (Liquid Lipsticks) with Lip Swatches


The liquid lipstick craze is real! Every makeup company is carrying a line of their own liquid lipsticks, I even heard MAC is about to release their collection, but we all know the prices can get a bit outrageous at times. Being a "Baller on a Budget" ,  I found an inexpensive version of liquid lipsticks; the Menow Long Lasting Lipgloss. Now, I know it says lipgloss but these are far from it. The Menow Long Lasting Lipgloss name is kind of true, it is super long lasting but it's definitely not a lipgloss. The formula goes on creamy like a gloss but drys matte in seconds.

I'm surprised of the quality of these liquid lipsticks because they were only $1.20. For that price, they are incredible but like any product they have their pros and cons. The thing that I LOVE about all them is that they are long lasting and that's a fact. I could easily say that when I wore these they stayed of my lips for over 10 hours and when it was time to be taken off, that was a task. I discovered to completely take it off, a oil based makeup remover has to be used. I used my MAC Eye Makeup remover and that did the job easily. Another thing that I like about these lipsticks, is that they do not take long to dry; some dried faster than others but overall they dried in good time.

The Menow Long Lasting Lipgloss comes in over 30 different shades, from pinks to nudes. I decided to only get 10 because if they were horrible, it wouldn't be a lost. I must say when choosing colors, be careful because their are a lot of look a-likes with in the color options. My favorite colors out of the batch would be #27, #25, #22 and #33.

 Top Row, Left to Right - #27, #25, #36 
Middle Row, Left to Right - #5, #22, #08
Bottom Row, Left to Right- #32, #33, #30

Long lasting
Very pigmented
Water Proof

Hard to remove
Tad bit sticky with first application

Overall, these are really good liquid lipsticks considering the price of them. The only thing that wasn't fun about these is that, they are really hard to take off ,if you don't know what to use and they also took a month to arrive, yes! a month. Other than that these are a must have. I bought them from the Ebay seller etrackonline. If you're looking for a cheaper version of the higher end liquid lipsticks the Menow Long Lasting Lipglosses are for you!

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  1. A $1.20! Yes please, in every shade. Thanks for the heads up about these because I was looking for something cheaper

  2. Yessss! I've been looking for these lip glosses but I didnt know the name of them, thanks for the review. Beautiful colors!


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