04 March 2015

Review | Eu Natural Vibrance Pure Hair Vitamins for Growth

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When I first began my natural journey, I was all about wanting long hair, and just that. As I did more research and began learning more about my hair, my only concern now is having healthy hair. February made it a year that I took the plunge and did the "Big Chop". Now, that my hair is fully healthy and thriving, I decided to try hair growth pills. Now I've always been skeptical about hair growth pills because, yes, you can see results with growth but I always had the question "what does it do to you internally?". 

I discovered Eu Natural Vibrance Pure Hair Vitamins for Hair Growth and it didn't catch my eyes until I did my research, and I found that this are all natural. When I say all natural, I mean, these are vegetarian capsules that are filled with vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Now, there is a difference between pills and capsules. These vitamins are capsules and they are fillers and binders free, which is a big sigh of relief.  What's even better, Eu Natural supports money back guarantee and these hair Vitamins are a 30 days supply.

I began taking the vitamins yesterday. I take two capsules before a meal with 20 ounces of water, the instructions says 8 ounces but I usually just drink a full 20 oz. So far, It's normal. I won't see any real results until the end of the month, in which I will up date you guys and give you a full report.  

Before I started yesterday I did measure my hair, I did a trim before I started. The back is 5.5", the left and right side is 6", the middle is 6.2 inches and the front is 5".  Wish me luck!

Have you ever tried Eu Natural or any hair growth vitamins? Have you entered my M.A.C Giveaway

XX, Shade' 

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