05 November 2014

Giving gifts is a true art.  It involves serious meditation on what you want to say and how you want to say it.  It’s similar to song writing or poetry in that way.  Anyone can give a gift and anyone can write a song, but to do either well, and in a memorable fashion is actually very hard.  What separates the art of gift giving from all other arts is that if you do it well, others will make a similar effort to do right by you in turn.  By doing your gift giving homework and showing how thoughtful you can be you will increase your gift giving karma.   It’s great for everyone involved!  The most important part of gift giving isn’t the amount of money your spend, it’s all about the sentiment that goes along with it.  That’s why the meditation beforehand can be so helpful.  I like to really think of what my “gift victim” is like.  What he or she needs, rather than what he or she wants.  Though the following ideas might not be right for your special someone, I’ll let you know why they might be.