13 September 2014

This year has been crazy and I know I haven't been blogging consistently like I should've been doing but I just wanted to have a little heart to heart with my readers. Ya know?  It feels as if the year has gone by so quickly. There has been so many things going on like... this is my last semester in school (not really, nursing school in January) and I'm about to get my degree in Biochemistry. This should feel like such an exciting moment in my life ( it is) but I feel like I've let things just slowly decline such as my social life. My 20's has just began and I'm so focus on on school and building a career and a... life for myself, I'm wondering if I'm missing out on anything important. For instance this summer, I was in school and working slaving away when I should have been living it up and creating memories that I will never forget (I must be think my life is a music video). But I must say that I'm thankful that God and a lot of hard work has brought me this far. As the year comes to an end I'm glad that I'll be able to check one of the many things off my bucket list, God spares life. 

It's cool that I have a group of people all over the world that supports SOAF and just know that I love y'all man, you're the best! There will be outfits, makeup and hair posts coming to you real soon... just wait on it! Was that cliche'? (lol)