05 November 2014

Giving gifts is a true art.  It involves serious meditation on what you want to say and how you want to say it.  It’s similar to song writing or poetry in that way.  Anyone can give a gift and anyone can write a song, but to do either well, and in a memorable fashion is actually very hard.  What separates the art of gift giving from all other arts is that if you do it well, others will make a similar effort to do right by you in turn.  By doing your gift giving homework and showing how thoughtful you can be you will increase your gift giving karma.   It’s great for everyone involved!  The most important part of gift giving isn’t the amount of money your spend, it’s all about the sentiment that goes along with it.  That’s why the meditation beforehand can be so helpful.  I like to really think of what my “gift victim” is like.  What he or she needs, rather than what he or she wants.  Though the following ideas might not be right for your special someone, I’ll let you know why they might be. 

20 October 2014

Have you ever found a dress that fits so perfectly, that you want to wear it over and over again? Well I did! I received this black maxi dress from eShakti that was customized specifically for me. Eshakti is an online women's fashion apparel company offering sizes 0-36W and custom clothing.

11 October 2014

This post has been a longtime coming. Everyone wants a good dupe whether it's clothing, shoes, jewelry and even makeup. I have made a list of some of my favorite MAC lipsticks that are dupe worthy. I even got to put a couple of Limited Edition lippies in there, particularly the ones that people ask about and it breaks my heart to tell them it's not in stores. So here you are, my lipstick dupe list!

13 September 2014

This year has been crazy and I know I haven't been blogging consistently like I should've been doing but I just wanted to have a little heart to heart with my readers. Ya know?  It feels as if the year has gone by so quickly. There has been so many things going on like... this is my last semester in school (not really, nursing school in January) and I'm about to get my degree in Biochemistry. This should feel like such an exciting moment in my life ( it is) but I feel like I've let things just slowly decline such as my social life. My 20's has just began and I'm so focus on on school and building a career and a... life for myself, I'm wondering if I'm missing out on anything important. For instance this summer, I was in school and working slaving away when I should have been living it up and creating memories that I will never forget (I must be think my life is a music video). But I must say that I'm thankful that God and a lot of hard work has brought me this far. As the year comes to an end I'm glad that I'll be able to check one of the many things off my bucket list, God spares life. 

It's cool that I have a group of people all over the world that supports SOAF and just know that I love y'all man, you're the best! There will be outfits, makeup and hair posts coming to you real soon... just wait on it! Was that cliche'? (lol)

18 August 2014

Nothing is better then a review and giveaway from the world's greatest bag company, Baginc.com! Bag Inc never ceases to amaze me, I can always find the right bag for the right occasion they're not only a bag store but they're also an accessory haven. Bag Inc offers everything from bags, sunglasses and also jewelry. So I got the chance to review the Vanessa Large Tote in Leather Black.

13 August 2014

Are you  a One Directioner or are you just a makeup lover? Either way you're going to love this makeup collection by One Direction. 1D has released three makeup collection and I got the chance to try the Up All night collection. This collection features pink and blue hues that are perfect for any skin complexion.

25 July 2014

One Direction is currently my favorite music group, "You and I" is my SONG! Not only do they release great music but now they're about to launch a new makeup line. 1D will be releasing makeup sets in keepsake tins that were inspired by Midnight Memories, Up All Night and Take Me Home. Each set will contain a lipstick,an eyeshadow palette, mascara, nail polish, eye crayon and a decorator stencil set. What's even better, you are going to have a chance to win one of the makeup sets for yourself.

27 June 2014

It's Summer time and I love to wear pops of color on my eyelids. BA STAR Cosmetics has done it once again and released a new palette with bright colors. The BA STAR Tropical Palette has 5 shades of eye shadows, with 5 neon bright glittery colors and 1 silver glittery shade.

03 May 2014

15 March 2014

Synopsis: There he was; tall with milky skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. Daniel Rodham.  Even voluptuous, audacious, fatshionista Shyanne McKenzie didn’t expect that she would find herself caught up in a love affair at her new job. But this is no ordinary affair she realizes, as her life becomes complicated and twisted when ex-lover Sean Powell and connoisseur, Tyler Morgan, turns it into a ‘love square’.  Without warning, Shyanne finds herself in a world of power, sex, money, love, tragedy, deceit, betrayal and vengeance. Leaving her quirky, smart-ass ways behind, she steps boldly into her newly discovered sophisticated and adroit self playing the game of love for what it truly is; her bitch.

01 March 2014

Hello?! Is anybody there? I know you're there, how have you been? Well, I know that I haven't posted since last year. Since 2014 began, I've been crazy busy...with school. I'm taking 20 credits this semester and it's crunch time. I'm taking a break from studying today, just to update and give you'll  some blog posts this week. Well besides school, I cut my hair. Yes! I did the big chop. I decided that I want to go back to natural hair. Some of you may or may not know that I had dread locks for about 7 years of my life. 2 years ago, I decided to enter the world of straight, relaxed hair but now I've seen the light and I'm all for my natural hair...again. The reactions that I've gotten so far are all good! Most importantly, I love my hair. I was the type of girl who imagined how I would look with short hair but I've always had long hair and always was hesitant of cutting it. I was shocked at first but surprisingly there wasn't any tears. (lol) I say that because I remember sometime last year I got bangs and I cried... real tears! I think I will begin doing hair posts. If you're interested in that let me know. I would love to know!

So, I look forward to giving you lovelies a few new posts this and I hope you enjoy seeing my hair evolution below. Have a great week!

Let the growth begin!