03 September 2013

Promoting Body Positivity with BeauCoo

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I’m always looking for new apps to add to my phone, especially apps that are fashion based. There is a new app called BeauCoo that focuses on promoting body positivity. In the world we live in today, it’s time that we have a website that promotes body positivity (#BoPo).

BeauCoo is a body positive fashion app where ladies of all shape and sizes can share their outfits and the stores where you can find it. You can browse a variety of outfit photos that were submitted by members of BeauCoo. What’s a great part about BeauCoo is that you can submit your body measurements and it can show ladies of similar proportions as you, so you can get an idea of how certain clothing can look on you. It’s like the perfect online mirror; it can show how a garment fits without depending on a shopping website measurements.  I hate when I shop online (which is ALL the time) and I get an item which is too small because I trusted the website when it said “true to size”.  

Now, just because BeauCoo is all about body positivity doesn’t mean you have to be a plus size woman to join. Women of all shape and sizes can join. Mostly likely with out knowing, your outfit can inspire someone or give them an idea on how to wear a certain item.  Have you ever been shopping and wanted to know someone’s opinion? Well on BeauCoo you can have a group of super stylish supportive women helping you out.  Scrolling through the website, I’ve already seen women who I would love to feature here on S.O.A.F. 

I’m not only enjoying viewing other members’ outfits but I love the blog portion of BeauCoo, which is very informative. You can find posts that give tips on shopping and posts that are also uplifting.
Now, to be a user of BeauCoo you currently need an Iphone or Android (rules 80 % of the world) to upload photo and be an active user but no worries you can still sign up online at BeauCoo.com and you’ll will still be able to make a profile and view profiles of other users. You can download the BeauCoo app for free at the App Store and the Google Play Store. 

When you sign up, be sure to follow me here to see what outfits I post and I’ll love to see yours. Now, I’m currently on the hunt for a stylish leather or faux leather jacket for the fall, this app is perfect because I’m already seeing jackets that I love!  

 So will you be joining?

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  1. This app is different and it's have a positive message. I'm going to try it.


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