24 June 2013

The Pink Panel

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Do you love fashion, makeup and all things beauty related? Well, the Pink Panel is for you! The Pink Panel is a program that allows women who love beauty products to share their experiences by being able to test a variety of beauty products. Joining The Pink Panel allows you to test the latest beauty products on the market and you can share your opinions with the world. You can also take part in surveys and giveaways to earn rewards. The best part of the Pink Panel program is that it's all free. Yes! You read correctly, FREE! You can even get paid for for giving your honest on the products that you're testing. 

The people at Pink Panel were so kind enough to send me a few products to try out. I received products from Nailtini and Bioelements . So far I'm loving the polishes from Nailtini. I will be doing a separate review on those products. I'm also letting my mother test out the neck cream from Bioelements. I'll update you in a months time. Other than that, the Pink Panel is a great program to join. You can visit the Pink Panel website and join here! They're also hosting a giveaway for an Amazon gift card. Who doesn't love giveaways?    

So are you going to join the Pink Panel?

This is a sponsored post. 

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