22 May 2013

Blogger Style | Jessica

This weeks "Blogger Style" is Jessica from the Bronx, New York! I found this beautiful lady while scrolling on Instagram and I immediately loved her style. Jessica is the blogger behind Tiny Red Shoes and she's definitely a Blogger with major style. 

 If your style were a slogan, what would it be and why?

So funny you ask me this! I'm always thinking of a slogan for my style but I can never come up with something witty. So, I'll just be as sincere as possible. It would be "Because I can!" I use to shame myself on how I look but now I have decided to be proud of who I am.

What inspires your style?

Bloggers! Honestly I get the most inspiration from other bloggers. Celebrities don't cut it anymore and honestly bloggers do it better! ;)

What do you do when your not able to find the right outfit? 

As crazy as this may sound I feel like my date, party, or whatever I'm dressing for is ruined! This is such a bad habit of mine, if I can't find something I like to wear, I will not go out. I have tried to improve this about myself but it's still a work in progress. I just stick to essential pieces and just mix-and-match, you cant go wrong with that.

How is your style now compared to 10 years ago? 

Wow! 10 years ago dressing well was not my concern at all ,or at least I wouldn't say it out loud cause I was ashamed of wanting to look good since I was a big girl. My main focus was to be comfortable and I would wear big baggy clothes. I was always the "fat sister" so I would think that no matter what I wore I would always look bad. This saddens me because that is such a bad mentality for a young girl to have. 

Where do you shop?

I literally shop everywhere! I shop at Forever21, eShakti.com, H&M, SimplyBe, Macy's and anywhere that carries plus-size clothing. My absolute favorite has to be Asos.com since it carries trendy items for curvy girls. 

What inspired you to begin blogging?
I started watching blogs daily for two or three years prior to starting my blog (a year ago) and remember asking myself "Could I come up with a cuter outfit?" and wishing it was me. I wanted to have a style blog so badly that I literally would dream and talk about it non-stop I was driving myself and everyone around me crazy! It took me two years to get the courage to start Tiny Red Shoes. I was so afraid of negative comments based on my appearance and even worse posting a bad outfit! But you learn from mistakes, no? And the negative comments?! Bring them on and watch me not care! I also remember myself as a little girl and a teenager and feeling completely lost cause I never saw anyone who looked like me and dressed well. Everyone needs a role model.

If had to live on an island, what three thing would be your essentials besides food and shelter.

If I had to live on an island my three essential items would be a cute summer dress, a hot red lipstick and a curling iron for sexy waves!

What trends you wish would just fade away? 

I don't think I hate a trend that bad that I want it to go away, I just see it as a challenge to see how I can make it work.

Are you a heel or flat girl?

I would love to say I'm a heel girl but I'm such a wuss that I always run back to my flats.

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  1. La Pecosa PreciosaMay 22, 2013 at 8:54 AM

    Yay!! Congrats Jessica on ur feature! You are totally awesome!

  2. You did it again! Such a great interview, she has confidence and style!

  3. I really like that you feature other fashion bloggers on your site. I also see that you have some Caribbean influence. Well, I am a yardie and I am doing a feature on young & upcoming fashion designers from Jamaica. Please visit http://mykurves.blogspot.com and give me your thoughts. I am also following YOU via bloglovin and wish you would follow me.

  4. You are a beautiful and confident girl.like your a line dress


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