23 March 2013

Blogger Style | Conesha

Conesha is an up and coming fashion stylist with style for days. Coming from The Bahamas, this island fashionista pushes boundaries and sets trends. Conesha is the writer of 242Blqrze and she is this weeks Blogger Style!

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is very versatile. I dress the way I feel that day, but I would say contemporary casual.

Do you have a fashion mantra?  
My fashion mantra is a quote from Edith Head, “You can have whatever you want if you dress for it." I'm a Fashion blogger and an upcoming Fashion Stylist, and I became both by dressing the way I do and having people want me to dress them too.

What inspires your style? 
My style is inspired by a few things. My personality, fashion designs from over the years, and the colors of nature.

What do you do when your not able to find the right outfit?
When I'm unable to find the right outfit, I go with the second best. Whenever I'm preparing for an outing or an event, I plan at least two outfits in case option A goes wrong.

What trends do you wish would just go away? 
I can't specify one trend that I wish would go away because I love trends and being trendy. Also, the way a trend is worn in one culture may differ from another. So I may not like the way a trend is worn in the Caribbean, but love the way it is worn in America.

Where do you shop? 

Everywhere!! Lol. But my favorite stores abroad, are Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Zara, ASOS, Old Navy, Urban Og, and my favorite stores locally are Avenue 21 (Nassau, Bahamas), Velvet Hanger (Nassau, Bahamas), Body Beautiful (Nassau, Bahamas), and Shoe Creation.

What is your must have accessory?
Sunglasses. It’s the last piece I put on, and when I do I feel "fresh off the runway."

What do you think of the Bahamian blogging scene?
I think it's developing, and I'm happy about that. I want to see it develop into an industry. I just wish every blogger would stay true to themselves and not steal the others ideas or style. I LOVE your blog, I believe it's true to you and it's FABULOUS!

What is your fashion pet peeve? 
Matchy, matchy outfits! I hate to see ladies still trying to make their shoes, bags and accessories all the same color! It's okay to mix match with neutrals, animal prints or complimentary colors ladies!

Where do you see 242blqrze in the future?   
I see 242BlqRze being a household name whenever fashion and beauty is mentioned in The Bahamas, and the Caribbean. I see 242BlqRze as a brand on the international scale representing The Bahamas. I want to transcend 242BlqRze's vlogs and blogs into 242BlqRze T.V. shows and magazine articles. It's only a matter of time!

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  1. Nice! Im from Barbados, its good to see Caribbean bloggers emerging!

  2. loved the black and white striped blouse combo!

  3. Loved the mod mint skater dress. She's quickly gaining popularity in our parts.



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