09 February 2013

Review | Milani Color Statement Lipsticks & Lip Liners : Oranges & Reds


Milani hit the jackpot with their new Color Statement Collection. I'm loving their lipsticks even more now! The colors are so rich, creamy and has an amazing smell, which is a Milani signature. These lipsticks are completely reformulated and revamped compared to Milani's Color Perfect Lipsticks.

The Lipsticks:

If you thought that Milani had good lipsticks before, well you'll think that they have fantastic lipsticks now. The lipsticks are a creamy formula, it feels like butter going on. I love how the lipsticks have a name to their finishes now. From Cream to Vinyl, it's perfect! The smell now compared to the last Milani lipsticks are more of a candy scent rather than floral scented.  The color payoff is also amazing, with one glide I got a full coverage.

Another plus is that the Color Statement lipsticks are paraben free! The prices are good as well, $5.49 is such an affordable price.

Color Statment Lipsticks : Oranges and Reds
01 Sweet Nectar (Cream Finish)- True Orange 
03 Orange Gina ( Pearl Finish) - Shimmery / Metallic Orange
04 High Voltage ( Vinyl Finish)  - Red with Orange undertone
05 Red Label ( Cream Finish) - True Red
06 Cherry Crave ( Metallic) - Warm Red with gold undertone
07 Best Red ( Matte) - Warm Red
08 Ruby Valentine ( Vinyl) - Red with a blue undertone


The Lip Liners:

I was really surprised when I tried the Milani Color Statement Lip Liners. The texture is extra creamy and it's long lasting. The prices are even better, these lip liners are $3.99 each.

Color Statement Lip Liners:
02 True Red : This color is a real true red. 
03 Nude : The color is a pinky nude. 

From Left- Right - True Red and Nude

Have you picked up anything from the new collection? 

 All the products in this post were sent by Milani for review purposes. All opinions are my own.'


  1. Every shade looks good on you! I was looking at this range the other day, im feeling the purple tones!!

  2. Yammy's right,they all look great on you!! Thanks for modeling for us. I love Milani lipsticks and can't wait to check out these new colors up close at the store

  3. Love them all on you!

  4. Thank you! I heard some of the stores sold of the color quickly.

  5. Thank Yammy! I'm feeling the purple tones as well. I can't wait to try them :)

  6. All of them are amazing! I'm especially loving Red Label & High Voltage on you.



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