06 February 2013

Blogger Style | Mia


Mia is the definition of a fatshionista! She is the girl behind  Diary of a Fatshionista and is the ultimate trend setter, her style can be compared to no one. She currently resides in Charlotte/Greensboro, North Carolina. Her face is always flawless with a great smile to match. Mia's style and confidence is so inspiring, it's an honor to feature her as this week's Blogger Style.
How would you describe your personal style? Glamorous & edgy. It’s so hard to describe my style because I feel like I’m influenced by so many things and wear whatever makes me comfortable. Sometimes I’m in a body con dress or a tunic and leggings or an army vest with Timberland boots.
What does being a fatshionista means to you? Being confident and loving the skin I’m in, knowing what works for body, having a passion for fashion, and taking risks. 
Who inspires your style? Lately it’s been Instagram. I find so many fashionable and fabulous women,  whether they're plus size or non-plus size. I love looking at their looks and seeing how I can put my own spin on it or see where people purchase things from.

What do you do when you’re not able to find the right outfit? There have been times when I’m like there’s nothing in my closet. But I always sit on the floor in my walk-in closet and stare at pieces until something stands out to me. There have been times when I’ve gone out and been like wow, I can’t believe I paired that together. 

How is your style now compared to when you were in high school?  I wanted to win best dressed in high school so bad, but I didn’t. My style is the same except it has evolved. I’ve always done my own thing and took fashion risks. 
Favorite places to shop?   ASOS.com, JC Penny, Old Navy, eBay, Torrid (for basics such as leggings), Lane Bryant or anywhere I find something cute.

Your face stays BEAT! What are your makeup essentials?  Thank you so much! My make-up has truly come a long way from years ago. My essentials are Sephora moisturizer,
MAC lipsticks, Ardell faux lashes, Maybelline Dream Mousse foundation, Benefit Hello Flawless liquid foundation, MAC eyebrow pencil, and L’Oreal concealer. I’m still looking for a better blush to add to my staple pieces.

What is one thing people would be shocked to know about you? I’m 5’10. I’m really tall for a girl.

When you started you blog, did you think it would be as popular as it is? 
I started Lifestyles of the Broke & Famous in 2008 and never expected that blog to take off like it did. I started Diary of a Fatshionista after realizing as a plus size woman, my readers were interested in knowing more about what I wear, where to shop, and most importantly see someone who looks like them. I don’t call myself a role model, but the e-mails that I’ve received from girls from 15 to 40 have made me smile and cry at the same time. My passion for fashion and educational background of journalism has opened so many doors for me in the blogging world. Never would I have imagined that  a company would e-mail me and ask me to review their products. I’m just extremely blessed and I thank my readers for continuing to support me. Without readers, my blog wouldn’t  even be known to plus size girls across the world.

Mia you make Timberlands look so feminine, I love it! Follow Mia on Twitter @MiaTheBoss and on Instagram @thefablifeofmia


  1. she's gorgeous!!


  2. Fashion is a battle, it always is a fight to the finish! You have the greatest style though!


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