26 December 2013

Hello my lovelies and Happy Holidays! How was/is your holiday? I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday festivities, I know I enjoyed mine. This Christmas is actually the first Christmas that I've spent home in 4 years and it was great. I got to spend time with my aunts, uncles and my cousins who I don't see that often or not at all. I must say that I was a 'usie' queen yesterday. I know you might be saying "What the heck is a usie?" Well, an 'usie' is a two or more persons version of a 'selfie'... I guess. I tried to take a picture with everyone and YES, I mean everyone, even the plastic Santa Claus.

17 December 2013

Baginc.com never cease to amaze me. I can always find a classic stylish bag with an affordable price tag and of great quality... because it's always about the quality of the bag. If you're like me, I've been looking for a perfect wood grain texture bag, it's was on my wishlist for the holidays and amazingly I found the Emma Top Handle Leather Bag on Baginc.com and it's a beauty. Check out the review!

11 December 2013

This weeks Blogger Style is Kiersten from Bite My Heath Bar who comes all the way from New Jersey. I've loved her style since I first saw her featured on Big Beautiful Black Girls and I immediately became a reader of her blog. Check out her interview below! 

10 December 2013

Wow! How time has flown. It's almost Christmas and I know everyone is looking for great gifts to buy for their family and friends. I recently found out about a store named Everybuying, which has everything from the latest fashion, newest mobile phones, and electronics! Whatever you're looking for you can find it on Everybuying. Everbuying.com has been leading in the international online wholesale and retail business since 2006. Catering to the needs of more than 200 countries, the company has been engaged in offering high quality yet affordable electronic products and contemporary fashion. By being updated with the latest trends in American and European high street, Everbuying offers a wide range of fashionable clothing and accessories for their customers. There are great shipping options and even free worldwide shipping on a variety of products.

27 October 2013

It's that time of year again when ghouls and goblins come out the shadows... and then there's me. Today is Roy Liechtenstein's Birthday so I was inspired to do makeup inspired by his famous Comic Pop Art. I must say when I did this, I looked at one of the pictures and free balled, and just did it. I'm not really big on Halloween but I do love to see all the makeup of different characters that people create and the costumes.

17 October 2013

Hello! Is anybody there? I know I've been gone for almost a month but it's midterms and I know y'all want me to get A's and B's on my exams right... right? Well, I just wanted to post this quick giveaway that I have for you beauties. I know all the makeup fanatics heard about the Riri Hearts Mac Fall collection that was released a few weeks ago and it sold out faster than a Beyonce' concert tickets. I was able to get my hands on one thing that I really wanted and that was the Talk that Talk lipstick. I know it's fall and dark berry lips are must for the season, so I got one to giveaway as well! One reader has the chance to win the Talk That Talk Lipstick! All you have to do is follow the simple rules on the Rafflecopter form. Good Luck!

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28 September 2013

Yesterday was my chill day to recover from a week of tests, homework and all day classes. It's been 3 weeks of school and I'm already tired! Summer why did you have to leave so fast? I'm glad I got to spend the day with my niece, she actually was my photographer (lol). When I went shopping before the fall came, I didn't realize that I got A LOT of black pieces. I'm envying you folks who got snow and the chilly weather because The Bahamas is HOT!

27 September 2013

Yes! Blogger Style is back and with a bang! This weeks Blogger Style is Dionne from Supersize My Fashion all the way in the Netherlands. I've been a long time reader of her blog and I've always loved her style, so what's better than have featured here on SOAF.

20 September 2013

Don't you love bags? Well I do! Baginc.com is my go to website for quality, stylish and affordable bags. Bag Inc is giving one of my readers a chance to win an Adele Large Flap Lambskin Bag worth $129.00, which is a classic bag that is timeless. I did a review on a similar bag last year, which you can view here and you can also see how I wore it here

The giveaway is as simple as 1,2,3 to enter! All you have to do to enter is :

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18 September 2013

I love trying out new products from new companies, and I'm loving City Color Cosmetics. They have affordable products, that have expensive quality. I got to try some of their products and let me tell you, I was surprise with the amazing quality, especially of the lipsticks and lipgloss. 

07 September 2013

Hello, Is anybody there?!  Well, Summer is over and it was nice and HOT! It's back to the hustle and bustle of school and it's time to get back in the swing of things. Now, the last time I posted my first Face Time series (here) you guys really liked it. So, I decided that I'll post a look once every week. Just to let you guys know, I don't wear makeup everyday. I mostly wear it on the weekends when I'm going out, as a matter of fact, this summer was SO hot that I opted to hardly wear any makeup. I hope the Fall chilly weather kicks in the upcoming months because "it's hard out here for a pimp" (lol).

03 September 2013

I’m always looking for new apps to add to my phone, especially apps that are fashion based. There is a new app called BeauCoo that focuses on promoting body positivity. In the world we live in today, it’s time that we have a website that promotes body positivity (#BoPo).

20 August 2013

Since the last time I reviewed Jibby Jewels Galore, the store has been upgraded. Jibby has a whole new website and her store  has grown from an accessory haven to a store that has everything from clothes and a wide variety accessories. Nana was so kind enough to send me three pieces of jewelry from her store and I'm loving them!

09 August 2013

Milani never ceases to amaze me. I'm loving the new Coming Up Roses Powder Blush. Their new powder blushes come in 4 different shades in a 3D rose design. Not only are these blushes good looking but the quality is great! The Coming Up Roses Powder Blushes comes in Milani's signature gold packaging and clear close lid top. The size of this blush is the same as Milani's Illuminating Face Powder.

02 July 2013

Happy July! July is the best month of the entire year because it has so much significance to me. The 10th of July is the 40th Independence for The Bahamas and the 24th is my birthday! So I always have to share the love and happiness with my followers. So what's better then a review and giveaway from my ALL time favorite bag company Baginc.com! Bag Inc is not only a bag store it's an accessory haven. Bag Inc offers everything from bags, sunglasses and even jewelry. So I got the chance to review the Essential Jane Croc Leather Bag in Black and a pair of Jane Round Sunglasses in Tortoise.

30 June 2013

How long has it been? I haven't been posting as regular as I want to but after the Spring semester finished,the Summer semester started a week later and I'm super focused on school. With all that being said, school is finally out for the summer and it's time to live it up! 

24 June 2013

Do you love fashion, makeup and all things beauty related? Well, the Pink Panel is for you! The Pink Panel is a program that allows women who love beauty products to share their experiences by being able to test a variety of beauty products. Joining The Pink Panel allows you to test the latest beauty products on the market and you can share your opinions with the world. You can also take part in surveys and giveaways to earn rewards. The best part of the Pink Panel program is that it's all free. Yes! You read correctly, FREE! You can even get paid for for giving your honest on the products that you're testing. 

The people at Pink Panel were so kind enough to send me a few products to try out. I received products from Nailtini and Bioelements . So far I'm loving the polishes from Nailtini. I will be doing a separate review on those products. I'm also letting my mother test out the neck cream from Bioelements. I'll update you in a months time. Other than that, the Pink Panel is a great program to join. You can visit the Pink Panel website and join here! They're also hosting a giveaway for an Amazon gift card. Who doesn't love giveaways?    

So are you going to join the Pink Panel?

This is a sponsored post. 

22 May 2013

This weeks "Blogger Style" is Jessica from the Bronx, New York! I found this beautiful lady while scrolling on Instagram and I immediately loved her style. Jessica is the blogger behind Tiny Red Shoes and she's definitely a Blogger with major style. 

14 May 2013

No one can never have enough jewelry. Spring is in full effect and there is always a need for cute jewelry to complete any outfit. I was recently sent a few pieces of jewelry from Dualshine.com for review, and I must say that I was very surprised with the quality of the accessories. Dual Shine is an online wholesaler and retailer that has been offering fashion jewelry since 2007. They have a wide variety of accessories for very affordable prices. Dual Shine has amazing customer service and speedy shipping to any country in the world.

23 April 2013

Spring is here and it's time to wear all of your cute sandals. Y'all know that I love to BALL on a budget and I've found some great designer look a-likes for an affordable price. So, there's no need to break the bank to look like a million bucks!

Today is a good day for a giveaway! One winner will have the chance to win a piece of clothing of their choice from OASAP! If you don't know what OASAP is, it is a online store fashion store that has everything from jackets to jewelry. It's your one stop place to get an outfit.

You have a choice of : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 

To win, all you have to do is follow the simple steps on the rafflecopter form. Good Luck! 

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31 March 2013

 Yesterday I went shopping, I was hyped to see if MAC had any lipsticks from the Archie's Collection but they didn't, that was a bummer. I still had a great time with my family who came into town to visit, I miss them so much! Typically, I'm a one hitter quitter but I said today I'm going to wear this ASOS Curve geometric print dress. The last time I wore this was September of last year.  I decided to pair with a denim jacket and a cute pair of studded flats.

26 March 2013

BA Star Cosmetics specializes in performance makeup for cheerleaders, dancers or just regular girls that love makeup. I partnered with BA Star Cosmetics to review their natural Smokey Eyeshadow Palette. I must say that I was very impressed by the quality of the eyeshadows.

23 March 2013

Conesha is an up and coming fashion stylist with style for days. Coming from The Bahamas, this island fashionista pushes boundaries and sets trends. Conesha is the writer of 242Blqrze and she is this weeks Blogger Style!

14 March 2013

March is the month that I started my blog and I thought what's better than a bag giveaway, to thank all of you who supported my blog through the years. Spring is soon here and a bright bag is perfect to add a pop of color to any outfit. Baginc.com Essential Jane Bag is a Hermes Birkin  inspired and it's a must have!

You know that moment when your phone dies and you have no way charging it? Well, eFresia has solved that problem with the eFreesia Mini Portable Charger.  So  far, I'm loving it! I has to be one of the best things created for smartphones. 

13 March 2013

The Plums and Berries of the Milani Color Statement Lipsticks are just amazing! There is not one color that I do not like. Amazingly enough, I found two MAC dupes! Yes and they're amazing.

09 March 2013

I'm finally off my "No Buy"! and in perfect timing. I'm glad to say that it wasn't that hard to purchase anything for 3 months, I just avoided my daily look through clothing sites and cut any conversation short that talked about clothing. Spring is a few weeks away and my closet always needs something, so I look through and I didn't need anything much BUT I need a few staple pieces to freshen up my wardrobe.

1. A Bright Bag - When I think of spring, I think bright colors. So, what's better than a orange bag. It adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit. Luckily, I got The Essential Jane Bag from Baginc.com (Giveaway coming soon!)
2. Neon Coral Jeans - I'm definitely been loving this trend since last year and it's back again. The Forever21 + line has such a wide variety, it's hard to choose.
3. Cascading Flower Dress. - What's a wish list without something from Asos.com?  I first saw this trend on Gabi from Gabifresh.com and I immediately fell in love.
4. Black and White- Black and White is a trend that is forever. It's never old or played out. I'm loving this peplum striped blouse from the ASOS Curve line.
5. Floral Print Pants- I Love floral print pants for the spring. Forever 21 + hit the nail on the head with this one. 
6. Timberland Boots- I was suppose to get a new pair of Timberland boots since I left one foot at a hotel on vacation last year, this a definitely a must for me.

What is on your wishlist for the Spring?

I love accessories! Spring is soon here and I'm getting my wardrobe ready. Nana from Jibby Jewels Galore sent me a few pieces from her store. Jibby Jewels has on trend jewelry that can be worn year round. What is even better is their prices. The words trendy and affordable always go great together.

22 February 2013

You know that Milani has revamped their entire lipstick collection for 2013, and they're phenomenal! Last week I reviewed the Oranges and Reds of the Color Statement Collection. This week is the Pinks and Corals.

10 February 2013

I love giveaways and I love you guys! I'm in the giving mood and I realized that I haven't had a giveaway for the year, so I'm giving away my MAC faves that I've been using religiously since the year began.  One winner will be winning 2 Mac Lipsticks in Ruby Woo and Violetta! You can check their swatches here and here. Plus a MAC Fix +. Spring is soon approaching and this is a must!

The entries are simple and if you have a Instagram account you can enter by following me @daedae242. Good Luck!

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  This Giveaway is extended until March 22nd

09 February 2013

Milani hit the jackpot with their new Color Statement Collection. I'm loving their lipsticks even more now! The colors are so rich, creamy and has an amazing smell, which is a Milani signature. These lipsticks are completely reformulated and revamped compared to Milani's Color Perfect Lipsticks.

06 February 2013

Mia is the definition of a fatshionista! She is the girl behind  Diary of a Fatshionista and is the ultimate trend setter, her style can be compared to no one. She currently resides in Charlotte/Greensboro, North Carolina. Her face is always flawless with a great smile to match. Mia's style and confidence is so inspiring, it's an honor to feature her as this week's Blogger Style.

18 January 2013

 I first heard about the release of Milani's Color Statement Lipsticks and Lip Liners on Instagram, I was so exicted for these to finally be released and now they're here! If you know me, then you know that I'm a lipstick hoarder and you will be seeing these in my future Lipstick Love posts.

Milani is very excited to announce the launch of its next generation of lipstick and lipliner: Color Statement Lipstick & Color Statement Lipliner!

 Color Statement Lipstick (0.14 oz, retail: $5.49 on Milanicosmetics.com )

 "Make a statement without saying a word!  True Instant Color. One stroke, full coverage application. This next generation lipstick gives the ultimate in color, texture and finish.  The lightweight creamy formula contains Vitamins A, C, & E to moisturize and nourish lips. Paraben-free. Available in Vinyl, Metallic, Cream, Shimmer, Pearl & Matte finish."

 Color Statement Lipliner (0.04 oz, retail: $3.99 on Milanicosemtics.com )

"Make a statement without saying a word. True Instant Color. Satin color in one stroke application. This next generation lipliner is a long-wearing, easy-glide formula to line & fill-in your lips. Paraben-free".

I cannot wait to try the lipsticks, especially the matte ones. Have any of you spotted these in stores yet? Are you excited to try these?

10 January 2013

Since it's 2013 I've decided to revamp my "favorite lippies" from 2012 and call it Lipstick Love! My lipstick collection has grown extensively in the past months and I want to show the colors that I've been wearing none stop. Since December, I've had 3 lip colors on repeat, Rebel, Girl About Town and Violetta, and they are all from MAC.  I bought Violetta with the gift card that I got from my Secret Santa last month, this color is the BOMB.COM ! 

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MAC Violotta (Pro) | Amplified

MAC Girl About Town | Amplified Creme 

MAC Rebel | Satin

What lipsticks are your favorite this month? 

03 January 2013

Dress: Asos Curve | Shoes: Nine West | Bracelet : Christina M. Boutique | Earrings: Local Store

Happy New Year! I want to thank everyone who has supported Saga of a Fatshionista in 2012 and I hope  2013 will be even better. I hope everyone has a productive and stylish year. There nothing better than starting the blogging year with an outfit post. I wore my Asos Curve dress that I bought earlier in 2012 and paired it with a simple patent leather flats. I must say the day was very windy and I'm loving the color of this dress!