24 December 2012

90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Final Update + Giveaway Winner!

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I want to thank all of you who commented and emailed me with encourage words to help finish the Creative Bioscience 90 day weight loss challenge it really helped. Well, I'm finally done with the challenge and I lost and I lost an additional 8 pounds, so all together I lost 36 pounds. I think that's so incredible, I think I'm going to keep up the healthy eating. I hope I can resist the Christmas feast, but  I have the will power. Also,  the HCG 1234 drops work amazingly, it suppresses the appetite and really curves the amount of the amount of food that can be eaten. I have turned a few family members to try it and they're also loving the product as well. 

If you would like to try the HCG 1234 drops or more of the Creative Bioscience products use the code NISTA to get a 15% discount on LifeFitStore.com or call 801-692-3242 !

Now! On to the good stuff, the winner that will win a 90 day supply of Creative Bioscience HCG 1234 drops is....

Congrats Sue! I emailed you.

Have a Happy Holiday everyone! See you in the New Year ;)

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