05 November 2012

Review | Milani Cream to Powder Foundation

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Milani has some of the best drug store makeup. I've tried every type of product for eyes and lips but I've never tried their facial products until now. Milani recently released new shades for their Cream to Powder Foundation and I got to try it!

Milani describes the Cream to Powder foundation as "silky, creamy-smooth, oil-free formula that glides on like a cream and blends to a natural matte powder finish. Covers flawlessly, hiding imperfections and evening out skin tones.".

This foundation feels smooth and silky when it's being applied. It's not oiling and not too try so it's perfect for all types of skin. The foundation evens out the skin color, giving the skin the skin one even texture.

My shade is 02 Spiced Almond, which I was skeptical that it would not fit my skin tone when I chose the color online but Milani shade finder hit the nail right on the head. It matched my skin tone perfectly. The foundation also photographs well on the skin because it has HD reflecting pigments so your skin looks flawless.

For the price, this foundation is worth trying!

Smooth Finish
Photographs well
Oil Free
Comes with a sponge applicator


You can purchase this product at Milani or find a location near you click here! 


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  1. A. LaToya CharltonNovember 8, 2012 at 5:52 PM

    I love their bronzers! They leave a serious glow!


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