08 August 2012

90 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

I know this post is coming way out of left field because it’s something I've never spoke about on my blog, but, I've been given a great opportunity to join the Creative Bioscience 90 Day weight loss challenge. I know you might be saying you’re a fatshionista, why do you want to lose weight?  Well, I want to go into the New Year with a healthier weight and a better me. I've done all the research on the Creative Bioscience Company; their weightless products are good and natural than weightless products on the market today. 

Creative Bioscience has a wide variety of products to choose from. I’ve read all the information on all of the products to see which one best suited me and I decided that I will be trying the HCG 1234. The HCG 1234 helps in the weight loss process and  decreases appetite. It contains select aminos and herbal extracts such as Maca, Pygeum, Rhodiola, and Astragalus, which are clinically supported to promote fat metabolism and provide essential nutrition. What’s even better, you’re given a calorie plan which best fits your situation. 

So, I'm super excited to start this Challenge and be success at it. I will be updating you'll on the entire journey with detailed information and pictures. If you want to join and you’re a blogger, you can sign up here! 

 Now, for my wonderful readers, you know you're never left out, when my challenge is over, one of you is going to win a 90 day supply of products to try for yourself.

FTC: This is a sponsored post.    



  1. I'm a proud big girl as well but for health reasons, which I'm not unhealthy but I have a skin condition that could improve with weight loss, I definitely want to lose a few. Also tone up. I'm going to give this program a try and I wish you luck on your journey to a healthier you :)

  2. A. LaToya CharltonAugust 8, 2012 at 6:54 PM

    Way to go doll! I'm on a 90 day challenge myself except it's strictly exercise & a change of eating habits. People think you do it to lose all kinds of weight but in reality, you do it so that you can stick around a little longer, you know. I wish you the best of luck hun. I know you can do it :)



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