08 May 2012

Blogger Style | Tanesha

 I first came across Tanesha's blog about a year ago scrolling down my Tumblr feed. Her face was stunning and had a great style to match, she's this weeks Blogger Style pick! 


Name: Tanesha Awasthi
Location: SF Bay Area (CA)

How would you define your style?
Classic with a twist on trendy.

What influences you? 
I simply wear what I like, and if I see something in a magazine or on TV that strikes my fancy, I put my own twist on it!

What is your fashion philosophy?
It definitely has to be that "fit is key."  I think that anyone can wear anything they want to- regardless of fashion rules pertaining to size, etc., as long as the fit/tailoring is great.

What is your number one fashion rule? 
Never buy anything that doesn't suit your personal style, just because it's on trend!

What do you do when you’re not able to find the right outfit? 
I start with the shoes and work my way up, or I go back to my basic faves: skinny jeans, a feminine top, a blazer and peep toes.

Has your style change over the years? 
I think as time progresses (aka as I get older!), I'm gravitating towards more classic, timeless pieces that will last longer than trendier pieces.

Where do you shop? 
Everywhere from Forever 21, H&M, Department and thrift stores.

Do you have any fashion obsessions? 
I'm obsessed with blazers!  I think I own one in every color of the rainbow, lol.

What made you decide to be a fashion blogger?
I've always loved fashion and journalism, and when I needed a creative outlet outside of my full-time job in the tech field, my hubby suggested I start chronicling my shopping habits, which later turned into a style blog.

            You can check out Tanesha's blog Girl with Curves and her Springs Trends for 2012 below! 


  1. I've always come across her somehow on the web! I love her style; she's gorgeous :)

  2. Girl I know just how awesome she is! She's one of my go to bloggers, I love her style! 


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