31 May 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I showed y'all in my This vs. That series the affordable version of the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. The Adele Flap Bag from Baginc.com was one of the best alternative to that bag, so I got it to show you the excellent quality of it. Check it out!

27 May 2012

Summer is soon approaching and I want so many things but these are the few that I'm really wanting.

                                  1. Nikon D3100 - This is my top priority item to get. Most likely it will be a birthday gift. 

2. Bag Inc Jane Bag - I love this style bag and I love the color even more. It will be a great summer staple.

3. ASOS Handle Wedges- If you don't know, I'm a wedge girl. I can wear them all day every day. I love this one because of the design and the color.

4. ASOS Curve Leggings - These leggings are the BOMB! I love the way they sparkle.

5. ASOS Curve Floral Playsuit - It's floral! Do I need to say anymore? 

25 May 2012

Name: Ria Michelle

21 May 2012

Spring is a good time to wear ALL the bright lip colors and I've been surely doing that. I have my top three colors that I've wearing the most this month.

18 May 2012

I see that I had a great response to the last MAC giveaway, I wanted to do another one. This giveaway will be exclusive on Facebook. So, to enter this giveaway just go to the Saga of a Fatshionista Facebook page here and follow the rules to enter. Good Luck and be sure to enter my Harvey Prince giveaway also!

17 May 2012

The Chanel Classic Flap Bag is my dream bag! Yes, I have a dream bag but for a $4000 price tag, it's not on my priority wishlist. It's still nice to get the look of the bag for an affordable price and I've found a few that's not only quality but affordable.  

                                                 The Real

                                                                            Chanel Medium Flap ($4,400)


                                                 The Steal

                            Bag Inc Adele Flap Bag Cowhide Leather Caviar Black ($109.00)


                             Bag Inc The Obligatory Classic Flap Bag Leather Black ($69.00)


                                                               ASOS Quilted Lock Across Body Bag ($27.83)


What do you think?


16 May 2012

 My search for new blogs is non stop! I probably find a new blog every day and this week I came across Sarah from Lipstick and Ruffles. Sarah has amazing style and you know the deal, she's this weeks Blogger Style! 

11 May 2012

I would like to say Happy Mother's Day to ALL the mothers out there! I hope every mother knows how special they are because mine is a gem. This post is dedicated to my mother! If no one is my supporter, she's my biggest supporter. Like any other mother, she gets on my nerves, makes me mad at times but when its all said and done she's my best friend. I spend more time with my mother than any other person in my family, it's kind of scary but I don't care. Earlier last year, my mother got very sick, she couldn't keep down her food, she lost a dramatic amount of weight and even her hair started to fall out. It didn't occur to me how much weight she lost until people pointed it out. She finally went to the doctor and he told her she had an over active thyroid, he also said thank God she came in when she did because if it had  progress further she could of gotten much worst. So a year later, she's getting back to her old self, she's still not all the way there but I'm glad she's better. I thank God everyday for her because without her I wouldn't be the same Shade'. She might not be a perfect person but she is a perfect mother. I pray and hope that she will be here forever and ever.

09 May 2012

As you may know Giuseppe Zanotti has killer shoes with a killer price. I've been a long time admirer of the  Giuseppe brand even before Nicki Minaj mentioned it in a song. I'm always looking for an affordable way of getting the designer look for less. So to Google I went; after a few minutes of searching for some fab look a-likes I got a few that hit the nail on the head and off course I had to share this with you all.   

                                                                           The Real
                                   Giuseppe Zanotti Peep Toe Wedges worn by Naya Rivera from Glee ($650.00)

                                          The Steal

                                                                 Wild Pair Jemma Wedge Pump ($99)

                                                                   Jessica Simpson Marcie (114.99)

What do you think? 

Did you enter my giveaway, if you didn't enter here!


08 May 2012

 I first came across Tanesha's blog about a year ago scrolling down my Tumblr feed. Her face was stunning and had a great style to match, she's this weeks Blogger Style pick! 


07 May 2012

I've always loved perfume since I was a child. I probably buy a bottle of perfume every two months. I was recently given the opportunity to review a perfume by Harvey Prince. If your not familiar with the Harvey Prince brand, it was created by two brothers as a gift to their mother. I must say that's sweet and so is their nose for a good perfume.

04 May 2012

Guess what? I passed all of my classes with good grades. I don't know why I'm always nervous every time grades come out and I always end up doing well. Anyway, today I went to lunch with my brother, I can truly say it's never a dull moment whenever I'm with my family. My brother can make a monk laugh, seriously he could. I decide to wear a comfy outfit, with a burst of color and one could never go wrong with red. I hardly never wear red, this is probably the only red blouse in my closet. I also got to wear my style manor bag, it was a perfect topper to my outfit. Hope you all have a great weekend.