24 April 2012

Blogger Style | Ashley

This weeks Blogger Style is coming all the way from Australia. Ashley believes that style doesn't have a size and she knows how to rock a red lip, check it out!    

Name : Ashley Rose

Location : Melbourne, Australia

How would you describe your style?
My style is very hard to define as it tends to evolve around the pieces I find that I love. I'm not afraid to wear anything, but I always try and keep it lady like and clean cut!
What is your fashion mantra? 
 I don't believe that style has a size, nor should size define your personal style!

Who or what inspires your style? 
Bloggers! I can spend hours browsing sites such as lookbook.nu and other blogs, I find it interesting to watch peoples style evolve over the years through their blogs, and the interesting takes that individuals have on runway trends!

Who are some of your favorite blogger(s)?
I adore Gabi from www.gabifresh.com, she has a very similar style to me but she does it from over in America! and also Weesha from www.weeshasworld.com who styles from Dubai!

 What do you do when your not able to find the right outfit?
 I have a draw of items that are quite old and I don't wear very often, if I'm having a "moment" I dig into this drawer and find something that hasn't been worn for years! It may be old but generally feels fresh as I haven't worn it for ages! Since I work in retail, my entire wardrobe gets worn very frequently!

Has your style evolved over the years?
Yes very much, I look back and think it can almost be pin pointed to the day I brought my first red lipstick from MAC! I think red lipstick gives a girl heaps of confidence and that's the time I think my personal style really fall into place. I seemed to gain the confidence to wear what I really wanted!

Where do you shop? 
Op shops, ASOS, 17 Sundays, City Chic, New look, Dorothy Perkins, Glassons, Sportsgirl, Supre, Topshop... the list is really endless! I never restrict myself to plus size chain stores!

What fashion style(s) are you craving? 
Florals have certainly grown on me! I'm really looking for that perfect floral blazer, anything peplum, laser cut leather or pleather, neutrals teamed with neon and I'm really wanting a black sequined trophy jacket!

Why did you decide to start a personal style blog?
 I had been blogging for my vintage clothing store "Studded Rose Vintage" for many years, when my model (I was photographer) started year 12 she became allot harder to organize for photo shoots, about this time my man bought me a tripod for Christmas. Since I have always loved styling clothes I played around for a little while and eventually got the guts to put it online. I got an amazing response from the fans of my vintage clothing store so I pursued it from there! I love looking back and seeing how my style has changed and become more refined!

Love Ashley's style? you can check out her blog Ashley Rose!  


  1. I love her style! Checking out her blog now.

  2. She is gorgeous! following her :) 


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