26 April 2012

Online stores are becoming more popular as the years go by and I must say for someone like me who lives on an island, they sure come in handy. When keeping up with the latest trends it can be expensive but Style Manor solves that problem.

25 April 2012

Since I won Sarah's MAC giveaway from I Heart Cosmetics, I've been in love with Vegas Volt. It such a beautiful coral coral and it's the perfect color for the spring and summer months. I haven't really been wearing anything other than Vegas Volt and Pink Nouveau, like always I paired them with a lipglass in Perennial High Style and Splashing. The next lip post I do I will be showing you my top picks for the spring and summer. Have a good one!

                                                      MAC Vegas Volt + Perennial High Style lipglass

MAC Pink Nouveau + Splashing lipglass

I'm trying out my lock knots to get a cute spiral curl look, I'll know the results by the end of this week. I got the idea from Chescalocs, I'm so excited to see how they came out. I'm wearing Vegas Volt on my lips.


24 April 2012

Whilst most models are incredibly tall and leggy, petite women find it slightly trickier to wear certain fashion trends.  Take a look at our quick guide to avoid swamping your small figure this summer.  
Have a good think about your body shape. Just because you are petite, you may still be top or bottom-heavy, so dress accordingly. Top-heavy ladies, so-called ‘apples’, are better in wrap dresses that create a waist and make the most of ample cleavage. If you’re bottom-heavy, or ‘pear-shaped’, you will suit darker and slimming trousers or skirts coupled with a bright top to draw attention upwards. 

The on-trend maxi dress is a great summer option for petites. Petite maxi dresses are  available at Very.co.uk in loads of different shades and patterns so you can tailor the look to suit your own sense of style. Empire-line dresses look particularly create on shorter frames and curvy figures, as they create the illusion of longer legs.

Avoid baggy oversized clothes even if you’re not happy with your body shape. Stick to close-fitting clothes that showcase your smaller frame. A trench coat is a great jacket option as it ties in at the waist and provides a snug fit. Opt for stores that have a ‘petites’ section to make life easier – most online retailers now also have this option.

Clothes look their best when they are designed for your proportions. Whether you’re a small or plus-sized petite, tailoring is a great option when you find something you love but the proportions are off.  

Pin stripes are a great option for work clothing, as the vertical lines will add length to your body for a slim silhouette. If you like wide-legged trousers, make sure they are fitted at the top to avoid losing the length of your leg in the fabric. 

The best thing about being petite is that you never need to worry about towering over your date in five-inch stilettos! Heels will add length to your leg and work wonders under a wide legged trouser or skirt – add black tights to slim the leg further. 

This is a sponsored post.

This weeks Blogger Style is coming all the way from Australia. Ashley believes that style doesn't have a size and she knows how to rock a red lip, check it out!    

23 April 2012

I've seen that the cobalt blue color has really been trending this season, so I finally got to wear my wedges that I got from  Dulce El Amor Shoetique. I decided to pair it with my acid wash jeans and a black blazer. I must say that I love these wedges, they're so comfortable and stylish. Dulce carries a wide selection of shoes and bags. I'm currently eying a pair of cute sandals, you should check them out.

18 April 2012

I should be ashamed of my self not posting in so long but I've had finals this past week and I was eating, breathing and dreaming about biology, which means there was allot of study done. No worries, I'm back and with a new blog layout and banner! I love, love, love my new banner, did I say love? It was done by the talented Denisha K, that young lady can DRAW. She really captured my smile and my big round cheeks (lol). Denisha is not only a great artist but she is also an awesome graphic designer. If you would like to check out more of her work, you can visit her blog here! Well, I hope y'all had a great day and I have allot new posts coming. Have a good one.            

I'm also loving some Rita Ora...  I have her new song R.I.P on repeat.