29 March 2012

Blogger Style | Ashleigh

This week Blogger Style is coming all the way from Maryland and she has major style. She definitely knows how to mix patterns and colors, and make them look fabulous. Check it out!

Name: Ashleigh Nicole

Location: Maryland

How would you define your style? 
Ever-changing - I am constantly trying new things that is the fun part of fashion, you are not confined to one certain look or style.  It's fun to try different things and push yourself creatively, and that's what I like to do. One day I can be laid back chic, the next day I'm more polished and refined. You never know which "Ashleigh" you're going to get!
What influences you?
A variety of things,  it can be a photo I see in a magazine, street style, the weather. Inspiration can come from the most random places and/or things.  

What is your fashion philosophy?
Do what works for you and your body, don't try to follow every single trend because they don't work for everyone. Be confident and what you wear and your style exudes, I mean, there is nothing more sexy then confidence. Also, one of my personal motto's - if something makes me a little nervous (fashion wise) then I go for it!

Who are some of your favorite blogger(s)?
Atlantic Pacific - Blair to me shows exactly how to rework your closet over and over again by wearing the same thing multiple times, but different ways each time. Cupcakes and Cashmere, my daily read. Sincerely Jules - she thinks outside the box - how often do you see someone all dressed up yet sporting a pair of chucks and still look great!
What do you do when your not able to find the right outfit? 
Throw on a pair of jeans, white tee, statement necklace and a bad ass pair of heels!
Has your style change over the years?
Of course, I think as you get older you start to develop more of your own sense of style.  Back in my "hey days" haha aka my early 20's- I showed a lot of skin, I like to leave more to the imagination now. 

What are favorite stores to shop? 
Online! I am not a fan of crowds - ASOS, Zara, Topshop, J. Crew, Nordstrom to name a few.  If I have to go to the mall hands down H&M (actually this is only reason why I go to the mall).

Do you have any fashion obsessions?
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! My #1 weakness.

Why did you decide to start a personal style blog?
To be able to express myself creatively, my day-to-day doesn't really allow much room for that so The Daileigh allows me to do what I want! :) It's very time consuming but I am dedicated. The connections I have made thus far, it is all worth it. Eight months into the blogging world and I have loved every single minute of it. 

You can check out more of Ashleigh's fabulous style at The Daileigh!


  1. her style jusr pretty! :)

  2. I own that brushstroke skirt.  I am wearing it in my avi(see left)  Love her style totally!


  3. i love her style!! so pretty!!

  4. She has amazing style! 


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