09 February 2012

Blogger Style | Paulina

Paulina from Lil Bits of Chic has been one of my favorite style bloggers since I started blogging. Her style is unique and original, that's why I thought she would perfect for this week Blogger Style. Check it out!    

Name: Paulina

Location:San Diego, CA

Describe your personal style. I would describe my personal style classic with a modern twist. I tend to wear classic pieces (blazers, black & white, pencil skirts) but I always add modern pizzazz to it (a neon necklace, a bold pop of color, etc).

What are your favorite places to shop?
I tend to shop at Cotton On, Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe because of their consumer-friendly prices (good sales!), variety of clothes and accessories. I also love to go to my local mall where they have “non-chain” shops where I can find items that I don't see in the other mainstream shops.

Do you have any fashion icons?
My fashion icons are Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O’. I love the simplicity and sophistication that both of them embody.

Are you a style stalker? If so, who's style do you stalk?
I definitely style stalk BEE from Atlantic-Pacific (who doesn’t?), Brooklyn Blonde and Late Afternoon, I love that they take fashion risks, experiment with color and shapes. I also style-stalk my fellow fashion bloggers, they are all very inspiring. 

What trend(s) are you looking forward to for 2012?
I’m so looking forward to pastels for spring, especially pastel colored denim. I’m anxiously waiting to bring my pastels out of the closet! I’m also looking forward to bold colors, like neon's and bold orange!

What is your ultimate outfit?
My ultimate outfit includes a blazer and a statement necklace. I’m obsessed with statement necklaces, they add something unique to an outfit. You can add a blazer and statement necklace to the most casual and yet most elegant of outfits!

Why did you start a personal style blog?
I have always adored fashion, but never pursued a career in it because I wanted financial stability. I got my degree in Economics and have a full time job in the financial services industry where I work about 9 hours a day with numbers and analytics. After many years of the "9-5" I felt like my passion for fashion was pent up. I started a personal style blog because I yearned for a connection to the fashion world. I debated with the idea to start it for a couple of years and one day I decided to just start it. At the beginning it lacked direction, I was really shy (especially about pictures of myself) but over time I have became more comfortable and I remind myself to be ME. I’m not trying to be a model, I’m just showing my sense of style and sharing ideas in hopes that it's useful or better yet, inspiring to my readers.

What does being a fashionista mean to you?
A fashionista is someone who is true to their style, takes risks yet feels comfortable with their outfit choices. A fashionista has a good eye for fashion, wears the trends before they are mainstream and rocks the trends with confidence. 

Do you have any fashion tips for my readers?
Be true to yourself. Don’t adopt every trend out there, adopt the ones that fit you and make you feel good. Another tip, don't be afraid of color

You can check out more Paulina's style on her blog Lil Bits of Chic! 


  1. I love her style! She's gorgeous!

  2. she looks awesome! this is a great feature :)


  3. WOW thank you I am so flattered!!

  4. ps. THANK YOU for the opportunity :)) I'll be blogging about it soon!

  5. woo hoo go Paulina!!!


  6. Yay, I love her blog, that is so cool you featured her and I've seen all of these outfits and really like her style because she's been one of my faves since I found her too! Glad to discover your blog.. :)


  7. Loved her style! 

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  8. Ok, I LOVE her style and I'm NOT sure whyyyyy I'm just now finding your blog bcuz I ADORE IT!!!! But I'm now a new follower and you are welcome to follow back! :))


  9. I love reading features like this because it helps me discover bloggers I am not aware of. Love her style and I am following her now.  I love the looks above and definitely classic and sophisticated. Love it!

  10. She has wonderful style! Love when bloggers feature other bloggers! :)


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