23 February 2012

Blogger Style | Lucia

This week Blogger Style is coming all the way from the U.K. If your a constant Tumblr user, then you may have seen Lucia photo with thousands of notes. She has major style and is influenced by street style, check it out!

Name: Lucia Lolita 

Location: Manchester, U.K

What influences you? 
Street style I am mostly influenced by, my street style rather then magazines or celebrities.
How would you define your style?
My style is definitely fitted and versatile I love the experimenting.

What is your fashion philosophy? 
Never be afraid to experiment with fashion as long as your being yourself go for it everyone else is just an audience in your fashion show :)

Do you prefer wearing high end, low end or in between? 
I would say in between but I'm so not a designer/brand kind of person. I love vintage clothing and mixing both vintage and high street.
What do you do when you’re not able to find the right outfit? 
This tends to happen a lot with me, I just throw on a pair of jeans or some leggings, a t-shirt, a flat shoe and I'm ready to go.

How is your style now compared to when you were in high school?
My style has changed a lot let's just say my idea of sexy used to be way different from then to now hahah, but yeah my style continues to change and its great because I love experimenting.

Where do you shop?
I shop at most high street store such as Topshop, RiverIsland, New Look, Primark, MissSelfridges Forever21, Vintage stores as well has charity shops I could go on and on (lol).

What fashion item are you obsessed with?
I am obsessed with blazers and jackets. I love blazer's even though my friends and family always tell jackets/blazer are not the same as a coat and I should really invest on some coats since UK is always freezing (lol)

Who are some of your favorite bloggers? 
Oh wow! I have so many but, I am always inspired by fashiontoast.com and the fashionbombdaily.com and I have just found the blackandkillingit.com they have the most fabulous street style inspiration ever...

You visit Lucia blog Miss Lucia Lolita Fashion World! 


  1. I admire her! I always love what she wears. There is something about her...classy, elegant yet fierce. 

    Great post hun. xx

  2. I love her blog ! she has the cutest stylee !


  3. love her blue skirt!


  4. cute outfits



  5. Love it! :)


  6. great blog!  you have a new follower.  i'd be honored if you decided to do the same. :)


  7. lucia's so fabulous and she really stands out! her versatility is inspiring and i like her hair tube thing. thanks shade :)


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