05 January 2012

Blogger Style | Malissa

I stumbled upon Malissa's blog a few months back and I instantly fell in love with her style. I must say that this is one stylish Bermudian and I thought she would be great for this month Blogger Style. Since it's the new year means that there is going to be new things on my blog. Every month I will showcase a blogger that I love. This month is Malissa from Sincerely Mally

Name:  Malissa J

Location: Bermuda

Describe your personal style: My style is very plain with the occasional pop of pizazz! Its very girly and clean. I tend to style others more drastically than I would myself. 

What are your favorite places to shop? Online: Forever21 & GoJane. I mainly shop in Canada when I take my random trips - Ardene, La Chateau, Urban Behaviour, Stitches. I also do alot of shopping here in Bermuda at Express and at the local thrift stores

Do you have any fashion icons? My Grandmother :D She's a thrifty rockstar!

What inspires your style? Every and anything! One time I got inspiration from condiments on my sandwich! 

 What trend are you looking forward to wearing this spring? Colorful Prints! I am not a print person so i will try to fix that this Spring :D

What is favorite accessory to wear with your outfits?  My little gold charm bracelets! I have no clue where they came from but in just about every pic I have them on!

                               Check out more of Malissa's looks at Sincerely Mally!  



  1. I love herrr!!!! Her style is definitely a good look in my book! Great work Shade'! 

  2. I love her I follow her blog too!!

  3.  Thank you! I will be doing alot more :)

  4. Beautiful, I lvoe all the diff shades of color she wears! Thank you for sharing and what an exicitng feature you will be doing.

  5. She is ROCKING those striped pants :)


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