13 January 2012

Blogger Style | Denell

I don't know how I stumble upon blogs but I'm glad I do. I found Denell's Tumblr page about a month ago. I browsed some of her photos and saw that she has major style, what made it even better that she is Bahamian. Finding local fashion bloggers is hard and I'm glad that she is apart of it. Denell most defiantly follows her own rules when it comes to fashion, check it out!

Name:  Denell Ranger

Location: Bahamas

Describe your personal style.  I'd say my style is very chic'...current...but outside of the norm as it relates to where I live.

What are your favorite places to shop? Thrift stores, Forever 21, H&M, I basically rummage through majority of the female stores that are in the malls in the US (lol)

What does being a Fashionista means to you? To me being a fashionista means being bold, and confident in WHATEVER you wear...there are many naysayers who may disapprove or not like what I wear...but nothing stops me once I'm confident in what ever I'm wearing.

What is your favorite piece to always wear with your outfits? Combat boots, denim jackets of different washes, and a cute purse that compliments the outfit.

What inspires your style? I'd have to say as for WHAT it would be, the many fashion photos I see on my tumblr blog everyday...along with the "WHOs"..which would be celebs like Rihanna, Angela Simmons and Kim K.

What trend are you looking forward to wearing this spring?
honestly...none (lol)... I just take it as it comes...and dress how i feel no matter whats 'in style' at the moment

Do you have any fashion tips?  My main fashion tip would  be... to simply embrace your body, exude confidence no matter what, and love the skin your in. Once you have these things no matter what you wear you'd be FAB!

Check out Denell's blog Fashion.Music.Bitchin'.Love! 


  1. You're telling me...all of this time, she was right under our nose? Her style look so effortlessly chic *le sigh. I'm in love with it!

  2. She does have style!


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