27 January 2012

Blogger Style | Crystal Chanel

Crystal is a 26 year old fashionista who does not let size define what she wears. I must say that Crystal has style and knows how to rock a bodycon skirt. Check it out!

Name: Crystal Chanel

Location: Charlotte, NC by way of Delaware

Describe your personal style: I would say my style is bold and innovative. I like finding classic looks or pieces and adding color or print to make my own.

What or who inspires your style? I don't have one person in particular who inspires how I dress. My style is just an expression of my feelings, and mood at the time.

What are your favorite places to shop? Oh man, it’s so hard for me to pick! I am a constant shopper at Forever 21, NY&C, Baker shoes. I make appearances in Nordstroms and Belks, and I live in thrift shops! My newest obsession has been shopping online sites. I've been stalking Asos, Gojane.com and Ebay lately.

What trend are you looking forward to wearing this spring? I am looking forward to the bright nails and bright lip colors. No longer do I plan to stick with pinks and peaches but branch out with the purples, blues, and oranges. The wedge and platform sandals are pretty HOTT too:)

What is favorite accessory to wear with your outfits?
I believe to be polished a lady should always wear a watch. It can really make an outfit uber chic or elegant plus its practical. Also confidence is key..if u believe you rocked it, so will everyone else.

What does being a fashionista mean to you?
It means being true to your personal style and having a passion for fashion. A fashionista would not just follow trends but instead make them her own. Also she may share her "eye of style" and be a 'go to' person for fashion advice.

Do you have any fashion tips for my readers?
"If it stretches...it fits!" There have been many times I ignored an item because it may have been in a smaller size. I find its always key to get the item off the counter or off the hanger and try it on!

Check out Crystal Chanel's blog for more!   

P.S Doesn't she looks like a certain singer...*coughs* Chrisette Michele, don't you think ?   


  1. la classe,toutes les tenus sont parfaites.

    bon w end !

  2. She looks great, love her style

    xoxo, Shariece

  3. She is fab!

  4. Love her outfits.
    --Shanice,♥ Please check out my blog www.shanicexoxo.info and hopefully subscribe.

  5. She's very versatile!

    Btw, I tagged you :)


  6. I've always loved her style & yes I agree, she does look like Chrisette.

  7. This is so cutee!!


  8. I love the slouchy purple and white print sweater and the sandals in the first photo. Such great style, indeed!

  9. Thank you everyone!! Make sure you check out my blog so I can follow you all.


  10. je la trouve magnifique

  11. IlpiccolomondodicriDecember 13, 2012 at 2:56 AM

    She is really amazing!


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