27 January 2012

Crystal is a 26 year old fashionista who does not let size define what she wears. I must say that Crystal has style and knows how to rock a bodycon skirt. Check it out!

25 January 2012

I think my list is pretty practical. I want to add these pieces to my wardrobe, I would probably purchases them over the weekend. I just need to find some other items to purchase so each of my orders could total $50, so I can get free shipping. Well I'm going to finish study, I have a test tonight. Have a great evening.

Denim Vest via Oldnavy.com
Neon Bag via Oldnavy.com
Black Wedges via Forever21.com 

20 January 2012

I'm so in LOVE with denim shirts, they're so versatile . I searched all over the web looking for one but then I remembered that only one person in my home has a denim shirt and hasn't worn it in years! So I decided to take a little trip down to my father's closet and voila!, my first look into the closet and there it was. I remember my dad wearing it when I was a little girl, way back in the 90's and I must say that it's good quality cotton denim. So I paired it with a dark pair of denim jeans and a couple of gold accessories and I was good to go.  What do you think?

                                  Denim Shirt :Vintage | Jeans: Forever 21 | Necklace and Watch : Mimi's the look for less  

How would you wear a denim shirt?

15 January 2012

These are my favorite lip colors that I've been wearing this past month. I've been trying to wear more plum colors but it hasn't been working as well as I wanted it to, so I'm back to my pinks, peach and orange colors. What do you think?    

                          From Top to Bottom : Julie Hewett Jacqueline, L.A Girl Demure and Evil Shades Ardour.   

13 January 2012

I don't know how I stumble upon blogs but I'm glad I do. I found Denell's Tumblr page about a month ago. I browsed some of her photos and saw that she has major style, what made it even better that she is Bahamian. Finding local fashion bloggers is hard and I'm glad that she is apart of it. Denell most defiantly follows her own rules when it comes to fashion, check it out!

Name:  Denell Ranger

Location: Bahamas

Describe your personal style.  I'd say my style is very chic'...current...but outside of the norm as it relates to where I live.

What are your favorite places to shop? Thrift stores, Forever 21, H&M, I basically rummage through majority of the female stores that are in the malls in the US (lol)

What does being a Fashionista means to you? To me being a fashionista means being bold, and confident in WHATEVER you wear...there are many naysayers who may disapprove or not like what I wear...but nothing stops me once I'm confident in what ever I'm wearing.

What is your favorite piece to always wear with your outfits? Combat boots, denim jackets of different washes, and a cute purse that compliments the outfit.

What inspires your style? I'd have to say as for WHAT it would be, the many fashion photos I see on my tumblr blog everyday...along with the "WHOs"..which would be celebs like Rihanna, Angela Simmons and Kim K.

What trend are you looking forward to wearing this spring?
honestly...none (lol)... I just take it as it comes...and dress how i feel no matter whats 'in style' at the moment

Do you have any fashion tips?  My main fashion tip would  be... to simply embrace your body, exude confidence no matter what, and love the skin your in. Once you have these things no matter what you wear you'd be FAB!

Check out Denell's blog Fashion.Music.Bitchin'.Love! 

12 January 2012

Winter will soon be over and the cold weather will be gone. Spring is soon here and that means colors and prints! Spring is probably my favorite season, because you get to wear more colors. If your like me you bought some spring clothing during the fall and winter season because the prices are reduced. I wanted to show some of the trends that I'll be wearing during the spring and summer season.

Doily Lace - Lace can be worn from season to season and never gets old. For the spring doily lace is making a big mark. Designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Erdem showcased this flowery pattern at fashion week.

Denim - I'm most definitely in love with denim vest, jackets and shirts for this spring. It's timeless and can be worn with anything.

Flower and Bird print -  Bold and colorful prints just says spring and flowers always rein supreme to it, but this spring another trend is the bird print. You know what they say birds of the same feather flock together, designers like Carolina Herrera and Marc Jacobs showed bright colors and sophistication at fashion week. 

Cold Shoulder-  I love the cold shoulder, it's very versatile and not too bearing. 

Whats trends will you be rocking this spring?

Did you enter the giveaway yet? If not enter here.  

09 January 2012

Today was the first day of the spring semester and it went pretty well. Although I always dread when the teacher says everybody stand up and introduce yourself, I basically have a mini heart attack every time. I must say today was a good day, I'm finally building up the courage to post an "outfit of the day". I wore a simple cardigan, jeans and flats for the first day.

                          Cardigan: Asos Curve  Tank and Jeans: Forever21 Watch: Mimi's the look  Bracelet : Juicy Couture

I'm still debating whether to post some items I purchased or not, if you would like me to I would. Have a great week!

05 January 2012

I stumbled upon Malissa's blog a few months back and I instantly fell in love with her style. I must say that this is one stylish Bermudian and I thought she would be great for this month Blogger Style. Since it's the new year means that there is going to be new things on my blog. Every month I will showcase a blogger that I love. This month is Malissa from Sincerely Mally

Name:  Malissa J

Location: Bermuda

Describe your personal style: My style is very plain with the occasional pop of pizazz! Its very girly and clean. I tend to style others more drastically than I would myself. 

What are your favorite places to shop? Online: Forever21 & GoJane. I mainly shop in Canada when I take my random trips - Ardene, La Chateau, Urban Behaviour, Stitches. I also do alot of shopping here in Bermuda at Express and at the local thrift stores

Do you have any fashion icons? My Grandmother :D She's a thrifty rockstar!

What inspires your style? Every and anything! One time I got inspiration from condiments on my sandwich! 

 What trend are you looking forward to wearing this spring? Colorful Prints! I am not a print person so i will try to fix that this Spring :D

What is favorite accessory to wear with your outfits?  My little gold charm bracelets! I have no clue where they came from but in just about every pic I have them on!

                               Check out more of Malissa's looks at Sincerely Mally!  

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and is starting of the new year right. I would like to thank all of my long time readers and my new ones, you have made blogging a more enjoyable experience. So, I only think that it is right to kick off the new year with a review and giveaway compliments of Hydroxatone. Hydroxatone carries skin care products, I was able to review three of them. My mother and I tried these products for over a month and I must say that they actually work.

The Hydroxatone Celtrixa Stretch Mark Lotion was the product that I meanly wanted to try because it's something that I needed. This lotion is the best! It reduces skin discoloration and stretch mark lines. The thing I did not like about this product is the smell, it's not awful but not a loving scent. The Celtrixa Strech Mark 
Lotion retails for 79.95.

Hydroxatone Gentle Milky Cleanser is a great cleanser for sensitive skin. It left my skin feel extra soft and it also removes makeup great. I also like the pump which allowed me to take the perfect amount. Only costing 39.95.

The Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex is a product that my mother is absolutely in love with. She says "It shows drastic change a small period of time"  It reduced small lines that she had on her neck and it doesn't have a scent. She says this going to purchases and recommend. This cream cost $79.95.

Now for the best part a giveaway!  One of my wonderful followers is going to win $200 worth of products from Hydroxatone.