02 December 2011

Review | Misikko.com

 Happy Friday, about a month ago I got an amazing opportunity to review a product from Misikko.com. Misikko Beauty is a website that carries a wide variety of hair care products, such as flat irons, blow dryers and hair products. I received the HANAair Professional Hair Blow Dryer by HANA. This blow dryer blows my $36 hair dryer out of the water, they're not even on the same level.

Misikko.com has one of the BEST customer service, fast response and all of your questions will be answered. My package arrived to me very quickly, I was stunned. When I went to pick up my package from X-press it I did not expect for the package to be so big, it made me even more excited. When I joyously opened my package it took my breath away. Everything was package so nicely and cute, my blow dryer came with extra goodies that I didn't expect. The packaging really showed that thought was put into it.

 First of the HanaAir Blow Dryer is STRONG! This is one powerful blow dryer, it has 2 speeds and 3 heat settings plus a cold shot. This drys my hair very fast, and I have thick locks! I was so surprise after using this, my hair felt lighter. With this blow dryer it doesn't go extremely hot so it makes your hair feel healthier. This is most definitely going to be a purchase for someones Christmas gift. The HANAair blow dryer was originally $334.99, now it's only $194.99. The price of this blow dryer is defiantly worth it. In my opinion I think that this is the best blow dryer for my hair.  

Fast results
Easy to use
Sleek design
It's makes your hair healthier and light
Worth the money
2 Year Warranty 

Kind of pricey  

Have you ever tried the this blow dryer? What do you look for in a blow dryer?


  1. ooh sounds fab!!




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