02 December 2011

November Favourites ♥

Wow! This year has gone by so fast. I wanted to show you my November favs, just some things I've been loving this past month. This is a new thing that I'm going to be doing on my blog, so tell me if you like it or not.

1. MAC Gentle Eye and Lip makeup remover- I'm absolutely loving this makeup remover because it gets the job done! It even takes off eye lashes with no problems. If you have this, What do you think of it?

2. MAC Perennial High Style Lipglass - I love this colour, it's my go to lipgloss for my everyday look. It's a great neutral pink colour.

3. Hard Candy Glow all the way- This illuminator adds a great glow to the face. I also like to use it for an eyeshadow base.

4. MAC Indianwood Paint Pot- I love this! It's a great golden bronze colour and it holds shadows perfectly.

5. Fraulien 38 Revolutionizing Mascara- This makes me look like I have falsies on. The brush also works good on my bottom lashes.

6. Fraulien 38 small angler brush- I use this every day to fill in my eyebrows, the bristles are very soft and works pretty good.

7. Fraulien 38 concealer brush- This brush is a dream! It's super soft but firm at the same time. It applies my concealer perfectly. (I use Mary Kay Concealer in Bronze 2)

 8. Haiku Perfume- I've been loving this perfume since I was in the 7th grade. It's smells oh so good.

9. Moroccanoil- I got this in my New Beauty test tube, and I'm loving it. It gives my hair a great moisture and shine. It also smells good.          

10. Murray's twisting gel- I have dread locks and I get many compliments on my hair. If people really knew what I go to wash, style and maintain my hair, they wouldn't believe it. I freshly twist my hair every day to keep it looking fresh, so I use this gel which it amazing! It doesn't flake and it holds all day! Need I say more?

11. Garnier Skin Renew-  This is a dark spot corrector. I've been using this for about two weeks and I'm seeing results. It evens my skin tone and it fades the look of dark spots, so in about a month I will tell you if it actually diminishes the look of dark spots. 

Do I share the same favourite as you this month and what is your favourite products?


  1. Such a nice post, I enjoyed it a lot! I
    like your sense of style! Wonderful products!


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    follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  2. nice monthly faves :) im curious about the Garnier Skin Renew ;) 

  3. Thank you Aimee, it's really good, you should try it. 

  4. is this mascara so good?  i like the mac bronze.

  5. aww that lipglass is so cute



  6. 3. That Hard Candy Glow stuff sounds amazing! I want to try it!

  7. I really like it, they say it's infused with 24 Karat gold too :)

  8. Thank you! I will check it out


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