01 October 2011

PromGirl.net | Celebrity Inspired

The time is soon here again, when every girl looks for the perfect prom dress for her special night. The early bird catches the worm; it's never too early to look for the perfect prom dress. For years girls have been looking for celebrity inspired dresses. So I want to show you the prefect celebrity inspired prom dresses from Promgirl.net. Prom Girl has been an online business since 1999. Prom Girl offers a wide variety of gorgeous Prom Dresses, Formal Dresses and Cocktail Dresses. You can find dresses for proms, balls, debutante or even a wedding. From their wide selection you wouldn't have a problem with finding a dress. Prom Girl carries from sizes 0 to 16. I've put together a few dresses that are affordable and celebrity inspired by some of the younger singers and leading actresses. 

1. Dripping in Gold 
 Miley Cyrus wears a strapless bodice gold dress. You can achieve this look with Prom Girl's Tony Bowls dress with a sweetheart neckline and sequin gold flower leaves printed on the dress from top to bottom. This dress is very inexpensive, $339.00. A neutral golden tone or smokey eye would go perfect with this dress.      

2. Blue Hues

You can be sure you will be gossiped talked about in this One Shoulder sky blue ruffled mini dress. This would be sure to show your long legs. It's very similar to Blake Lovely's striking navy blue ruffled paisley dress. It's unbelievable that this dress is only $312.00.  

3. Sparkle Sparkle
A girl can never go wrong with a good sequined dress. Carrie Underwood wore a fantastic long flowing sparkle gold sequin gown to the Golden Globes this year. Prom Girl has an identical dress to Carrie's in a smokey grey color. It has a nice sweetheart neckline also. The Scala dress goes for $378.00. 

4. Bejeweled 
You can get Katy Perry's jeweled dress look minus the blue wig. Prom Girl has a beautiful jeweled  dress from Jovani's 2011 collection. I would pair this dress with grey pumps just like Katy. This dress might break the bank costing $800 but its well worth it for how gorgeous it is. 
It doesn't matter what look you decide, be sure that you love the dress you are going to wear on your prom night because it only comes once. Personally my school didn't have a prom, but I was fortunate enough to go to a debutante ball and I got to wear a beautiful dress. Some people may not even be able to pay for prom because expenses add up. If you're looking for a dress that's affordable and it's beautiful, visit PromGirl.net. Every month Prom Girl gives away a dress on their facebook page. So one lucky girl has the chance to win a Prom dress for free! 

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  1. Wow! I love your picks. I'm definitely checking them out for my prom dress.

  2. I love Katy and Carrie dresses! Gorg

  3. OH MY! I LOOvee the 3rd and fourth dresses! HOT! Nice find, never knew about Prom Girl until now. Will def. have a look : D Following your blog hunny. Check out mine! And if you like
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  4. Be sure to check out there facebook page too! Thanks for the follow hun! I checked out your blog you have a great style.

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  9. aaw man...I want to get dressed up so bad!!! would have no event to wear such fabulous dresses! but thanks for sharing...they're so beautiful!!!


  10. Lol me too! No problem. I like #3 and 4 the best.

  11. amazing isnpirations! I love those dresses!
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