09 October 2011

Fall Favourites

Fall is here again and I'm loving it. The weather is changing and it's getting cooler by the night. I have some items I've been itching to wear since the summer. I have my fall favourites! All the things that I will be enjoying during this season and maybe you have the same likes. Some of these items I've most definitely seen in magazines and website as a must for the fall, so tell me what you think.   

1. Everyone and their grandmother has something in their closet that is leopard. Whether it would be a scarf, shoes or a cardigan. It's something that will never be tacky but always a timeless print. I'm loving my ombre coloured leopard cardigan that I got from Asos a year back.  I can dress it up or dress it down, it never gets old.

2. Every time I think of sequins, new years pops into my mind. Sequins is another timeless material that would never be outdated. I like sequins because it's the perfect way to be glamorous without being over the top.

3. A colored bag is perfect for the fall, it will always add a pop of color to a dark outfit.

4. I'm in love with chain link jewelry! It's most perfect to add to a blazer, plain t-shirt and a pair jeans. I love the one I got from Mimi's the look for less. This is most definitely my fall favourite.

5. Who doesn't have a cardigan? It's something that every woman, man, girl or boy should have in their closet. I love my gray cardigan that I got from Alloy.

What are your fall favourites?


  1. I just love anything related to sweaters and shoes!
    Come and visit my blog and if you like it and find it interesting then why dont we follow each other!♥ Love,Anastasia

  2. Great Post! Sequins is definitely my fall thing.

  3. yess for the leopard and cardigans. i'm currently obsessed with both for the fall :)

  4. My fall favorites are blazers and animal prints!!! I'm on the hunt now for leopard wedges!!!!



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