23 August 2011

Trend: Masculin goes Féminin

Menswear inspired fashion has been around since the late 60's, when Yves Saint Laurent introduced it's Le Smoking suit in 1966. Menswear has be come feminine and there's no turning back. When one thinks of menswear inspired fashion, they imagine, oxford shirts, boyfriend blazers and trouser pants; Which has been incorporated into every fashionista's wardrobe. I think that with menswear inspired pieces in your closet you can create a inspiring outfit.

 1. Who doesn't own a White Oxford Shirt? It should be a fashion staple in everyone's closet, no matter what gender. A white oxford can be dressed up or down, worn with accessories or just plain. I like to wear mines with or with out my blazer with a statement necklace and knobs. It works out perfect, when you add your own feminine touch to it.

2. I'm sure you've seen the tuxedo jacket on many celebrities such as Rihanna, Eva Pigford, Olivia Palermo, and even Janelle Monae, making it her signature look. Seeing the tuxedo jacket fitted to the silhouette, whether the color being white or black put its own spin on this menswear inspired piece.

3. Straight leg pants go perfect with a tuxedo jacket, it compliments it well. You can also wear with just an oxford shirt and a pair of pointed toe shoes. I think that the pointed toe shoes gives it a woman's touch.

4. A nude wool one button jacket works perfect with a plaid pants. For those who are not as daring, you can wearing to your liking but remember to always keep it unique to your style.

5. The boyfriend watch was wanted by every girl, boy, blogger and who ever else wants it. It's a watch that can be worn with every and anything. It can be worn by itself or with bracelets and rings. It adds a certain masculinity to a girly outfit.

What do you think about this trend?



  1. i plan on revamping my closet, this gave me some inpiration!

  2. I lost definitely like this trend. The watch is a must have and great post!

  3. Love it!



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