02 May 2011

Review | H.Wood Beauty

Lovely day to do reviews! Today I will be reviewing a beauty company called H.Wood Beauty. H.wood is a online store that sell every thing makeup, from your face to your body. You can also from H.Wood beauty in several stores in states across the United States. Today I'm reviewing two products, H.Wood Beauty Lip shine pot and a eyeshadow. For more of the review read below.

Lip Shine Pot 
The lip shine pot is fulled with goodness. It's a sheer color that is so moisturizing for the lips. I received the color poppy which is a orange coral color. I love this color for spring and summer. I found out with the lip shine pot the color is build-able to get a more powerful color. It's also great with combining with another color (which I love to do! ). I really recommend this. It has allot of product and very long lasting. This retail for $20.00 and has 4 other colors. Swatches of this color coming soon!

Highland Eyeshadow
I received  a eyeshadow in the color Highland. Highland is a black eyeshadow with shimmer. I must say this is a highly pigmented eyeshadow. It's not chalky, it is smooth and has a silky texture. The eyeshadow is a good size, it's way bigger than a Mac pan shadow. These eyeshadows retails for $16.00. Swatches coming soon!

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  1. That Lip Shine pot looks delightful!

  2. I cant wait to see a lip combo post with that lip pot. Orange and corals are a great colors for the spring.


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