03 May 2011

Amrita Singh Haul

Ahh Jewelry, everyone loves it! Summer is approaching and school is over and done with... for now and I'm collecting all the cute accessories I will be using to dress up simple outfits. I'm back with another haul/ review from Amrita Singh. The wonderful Indian inspired jewelry collection.  I received a beautiful coral pendent with a 18K gold necklace call Jess from the Hampton collection. I picked this color because I don't own allot of coral and I want to get into this color because of spring and summer. It's super beautiful. This necklace retails for $100. This is only one of the beautiful necklaces from the Hampton collection. Not only does Amrita Singh sell necklaces they also sell rings, earrings, shoes bags and scarves. All of Amrita Singh collections has a wide variety selection.

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This haul was sponsored by Amrita Singh.


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