31 May 2011

Summer is the the perfect time to wear wedges. There are high ones, low ones and some that are just the right height. I must admit that wedges are my favorite heels to walk in, especially how they are the easiest aside from chunky heels. I've had my eyes on wedges from Alloy.com, Steve Madden and DSW. So I wanted to show you what I'm lusting to get. What do you think?

Do you like wedges?

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30 May 2011

Hello Ladies,

I received this wonderful Alexa Studded Leather Bag from Baginc.com. This bag is absolutely beautiful, it resembles a certain "it" bag from Alexander Wang. Alexa is made out of Calfskin leather and it is also very large. Alexa is a great for everyday use and great for traveling. I'm so in love with it. Alexa retails for $149.00, well worth it. Three things you can always expect when ordering from Bag Inc is fast shipping, exactly what you order is what you get and excellent customer service. The beautiful people at Bag Inc said that one of my followers can have ANY bag of their choice from Baginc.com. Isn't that great? Giveaway details are below!

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Any Bag of your choice from Baginc.com

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29 May 2011

Lala Vazquez is wearing this lovely baby floral patterned dress from Zara. It so simple but chic, and is the perfect attire for the summer. This tulip skirt dress only retails for $100.00, I must say that is a steal. I love to see celebrities in affordable attire that the average girl can wear herself.  

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27 May 2011

I've been in love with so many colors for the month of May, but these by far are my favorite. Especially Ardour from Evil Shades, it's the perfect orange I must say.So what are your favorite lip colors this month?


1. Milani Sweet Grape + Jordana Rasberry 

2. Evil Shades Loxensis +Jordana Mango Delight

3. Venomous Cosmetics Hypnotize + Fake Bake Passion Fruit 

23 May 2011

Shabby Apple is a wonderful online vintage boutique. They offer stylish, affordable women's dresses. They also offer jewelry, shoes and even little girls clothing.  It so great that they have clothing for women of all sizes. I Collage pieces from shabby apple that I like, check it out below. Shabby apple gave me a choice of me choosing a jewelry piece to giveaway, but I think that it only right that my wonderful followers get the decision of choosing which jewelry piece they would like to win! The giveaway details are below.

Which item would you like to win?
Light as a Feather
Lost in Wonderland
The Duchess
The Queen's Rose
Everyone's Mad Here

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19 May 2011

 I have tried airbrush foundation and I'm not turning back. Era Everyday is airbrush makeup in a can and it's AMAZING! I was kind of skeptical at first but this the most amazing foundation.

Era Everyday
The Era Everyday airbrush foundation has 10 different shades to choose from, I got R9. This color matches my skin tone perfectly. One the website when you are choosing your color, they give you different celebrities skin tone to give you the perfect match to your skin tone. The Era Everyday come with a towel headband, a puff and the airbrush foundation. This foundation will give you the smoothest looking skin, it doesn't feel heavy and you can choose it you want light, medium or heavy coverage. When receiving this product it gives you specific instructions on how to use the airbrush foundation, other than that, this is the easiest makeup foundation to put on. Era Everyday is 2.2oz and retails for $33.00. The price is well worth it. Classified does not just stop at airbrush foundation in the can they also have Spray on makeup primer.Classified Cosmetics also has super fast shipping.

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18 May 2011

Color contrasting has been a big trend for the spring and I thought if we color contrast clothing why can't we do the same for lips. I mixed Emani Mineral Drama Queen with Evil Shades Ardour (LOVE). I think that this bright pink and that orange works out beautifully together. What do you think?


16 May 2011

I love shoes! Gojane.com is known through out the internet world, it sells everything to make a perfect outfit. This is my second time reviewing a pair of shoes from Go Jane. I must say that their shoes are high quality. I received a strappy peep toe platform in the color black, these shoes are spectacular. These shoes fit my feet perfectly and surprisingly they are comfortable considering that these are 5 inches high. Yes! 5 inches. Gojane.com has incredibly fast shipping especially how they are based out of Canada. My package was shipped on the 27th of April and I received my package on the 29th. Gojane.com has good quality and prices. My shoes retail for $30.00, check it out here.      

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The shoes were sent to me from Gojane.com.

11 May 2011

Milani is the best drugstore makeup by far. I'm in love with Milani right now. I got the opportunity to review a few products from their collection. I got three eye products and three lip products. I hope you enjoy!

Lip Products
I got three lip products, Crystal Gloss in innocent, HD Advanced lip color in sweet grape and a Lip Flash in flashy. The crystal gloss is a light pink color, it very smooth and not sticky. The HD advanced lip color is a super pigmented purple and this goes on so silky and very long lasting. The Lip Flash is my favorite out of all the lip products I received. I got flashy which is a shocking magenta pink and very long lasting, it also has a stain effect. I can't with to combo these. The crystal gloss is $5.49, the HD advanced lip color is 8.99 and the Lip Flash is 6.99.

Eye Products
I received three eye products, a Baked Eye Shadow in Teal the Truth, a Eye Tech Liquid Liner in brown and a Liquif Eye Metallic Eye liner in Aqua. The Baked eye shadow is the BOMB! It's super pigmented, and silky smooth. The liquid liner does exactly what it suppose to do. It's long lasting and I tried to rub it of for 5 minutes straight and it only smudged a little bit. The eye liner also stays in places like the liquid eye liner and is also very pigmented. The Baked eye shadow is $7.49, the Liquif Eye metallic eye liner is 7.99 and the Eye Tech Liquid Liner is $7.99.     

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10 May 2011

The name may be Evil but the products are sweet. Evil Shades Cosmetics is a small business owned by a young woman called Andrea. Andrea makes all of her own products and for a small company she makes excellent products. I received 8 different products and they all came packaged in a nice magenta silky bag. Read the review below for more.

Wicked Gloss and Deviant Lipsticks
I received two wicked glosses and two lipsticks. I got the color Lethal Kiss and Loxensis. They are package in a 7ml squeeze tube. The lip glosses are very creamy and has allot of pigmentation. Loxensis is a pink red color with shimmer and Lethal Kiss is a  pink coral color with light shimmer. What is so amazing the lip glosses smell like coconut. The lipsticks are in the color Ardour and Primrose Path. I'm in love with Ardour because is a orange color and it is very similar to the color Morange from Mac. Primrose Path is a nice baby pink with shimmer. These lipsticks go on so smooth ,silky and smells like candy . The Wicked glosses are $5.00 and the Deviant Lipsticks are $4.25. I must say that they are long lasting.

Eyeshadows and Evil eyes primer
I got three eyeshadows in the colors Mad People, Necropolis and Errinye. Mad People is nice orange with gold reflex. Necro polis is a bronze color with copper reflex and Errinye is a red burgundy color with shimmer. These eyeshadows are silky, very blend-able and pigmented. I also got a naked Evil eyes primer. The color rubs into a sheer color. It holds color very well and last all day. 

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09 May 2011

Aveyou.com is a online beauty boutique that sells everything beauty related. Ave you is short for Avenue You which is a store based in New Jersey. Aveyou.com has thousands of products to choose from, they have beauty items that you cannot find anywhere. For instance, the beauty blender, the O.P.I Shatter nail polish, and even past O.P.I nail polish collections.

My Experience
I received my gift card on the afternoon on April 25th and I ordered that night around 7:43pm. My order was processed and shipped the following day at 11:00 am. I received my package on Friday. That is the fastest processing and shipping by far by any store I ordered from. The shipping was only $1! My items were package nicely in box and everything was nice. Every order comes with a eco-friendly tote bag. With shopping on this website everything is placed in order by the name of the product. So I would advise, if you are looking for anything in particular, just type it into the search box and you will find it. Shopping on aveyou.com is so hard to do because they have so many great products to choose from. The customer service is unbelievably excellent and has a fast response. Just to let you know I also pay customs and a courier service fee on any items I receive(I live in the Bahamas). On the Ave you website they currently have a section what is called Summer Romance; this is a section that is categorize in beauty products that best compliments the summer season you should check it out here!

My Products
I picked out about 14 items ,shopping was so hard to do, if I could I would of bought everything in the store. I picked out things that I always wanted to try. The list of items are below of what I got. I picked out perfume, nail and hair care. Pictures,swatches and individual reviews coming on the second part of this review.

                                         Kim Kardashian 3 Piece Perfume Set $65.00 
                                       Ti Creative Styling Mini Ionika Blow Dryer $36.00 
                                            OPI Strawberry Margarita Lipstick $10.00 
                                              OPI Baguette Me Not Lipstick $10.00
                                             Fake Bake Lip Gloss Passion Fruit $9.99 
                                               Nail Alive 6 Second Polish Dryer $9.95
                                                  OPI Strawberry Margarita $8.50
                                               OPI Black Shatter Nail Polish $8.50 
                                           Murad Color Treated Hair Conditioner $5.00
                                            Murad Color Treated Hair Shampoo $5.00
                                                   OPI Original Nail Envy $1.50 
                                                OPI ChipSkip Chip Preventer $1.50
                                                   Sparitual Scrub Masque $0.80
                                                    Sparitual Sugar Scrub $0.80

At Aveyou.com when you spend $50.00 and over you get $1.00 shipping!
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I was sent a gift card by Aveyou.com for review purposes. 

03 May 2011

Ahh Jewelry, everyone loves it! Summer is approaching and school is over and done with... for now and I'm collecting all the cute accessories I will be using to dress up simple outfits. I'm back with another haul/ review from Amrita Singh. The wonderful Indian inspired jewelry collection.  I received a beautiful coral pendent with a 18K gold necklace call Jess from the Hampton collection. I picked this color because I don't own allot of coral and I want to get into this color because of spring and summer. It's super beautiful. This necklace retails for $100. This is only one of the beautiful necklaces from the Hampton collection. Not only does Amrita Singh sell necklaces they also sell rings, earrings, shoes bags and scarves. All of Amrita Singh collections has a wide variety selection.

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02 May 2011

Lovely day to do reviews! Today I will be reviewing a beauty company called H.Wood Beauty. H.wood is a online store that sell every thing makeup, from your face to your body. You can also from H.Wood beauty in several stores in states across the United States. Today I'm reviewing two products, H.Wood Beauty Lip shine pot and a eyeshadow. For more of the review read below.

Lip Shine Pot 
The lip shine pot is fulled with goodness. It's a sheer color that is so moisturizing for the lips. I received the color poppy which is a orange coral color. I love this color for spring and summer. I found out with the lip shine pot the color is build-able to get a more powerful color. It's also great with combining with another color (which I love to do! ). I really recommend this. It has allot of product and very long lasting. This retail for $20.00 and has 4 other colors. Swatches of this color coming soon!

Highland Eyeshadow
I received  a eyeshadow in the color Highland. Highland is a black eyeshadow with shimmer. I must say this is a highly pigmented eyeshadow. It's not chalky, it is smooth and has a silky texture. The eyeshadow is a good size, it's way bigger than a Mac pan shadow. These eyeshadows retails for $16.00. Swatches coming soon!

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These products were sent to me by a PR.