01 April 2011

Review: Perfume Aromatics!

Well I know y'all read my past reviews for several perfumes from Perfume Aromatics but this is the last one...for now! Well today I'm going to reviewing Be Fabulous Night which is the impression of DKNY Be Delicious Night. This perfume hits the nail on the head. Check out everything below.

Be Fabulous Night comes in a well package black and pink box. The bottle is very pretty it is matte black and a shiny purple. The nasal of this sprays tight at first but when used a couple of times it will loosen up. It is 3.3 Fl oz. This is made with the same oils that the designer perfume is made with.  

Be Fabulous Night has a strong sweet scent, which I like because I tend to like strong perfumes. With this it last all day. Be fabulous smells just like Be Delicious Night. Be Fabulous Night is Eau De Perfume. Be Fabulous Night is only $3.99 and Be Delicous Night is $62.00 at the largest bottle size. Check out Perfume Aromatics they are the best!.

See if your favorite perfume is on Perfume Aromatics here!


  1. THIS PERFUME is original & have amazing fragrances.I am so happy with this... Aladdin Fragrances

  2. MMM, I'm going to check them out right away!

  3. I'm going to try this, your blog is great!


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