04 April 2011

Review | Lime Crime Makeup!

"It's so bright, it's illegal!" That is so true about Lime Crime. There colors are bold and spectacular. I sent a few products from the Lime Crime Cosmetics line and I'm in love. There eyeshadows, lipstick and there primer are so good. Check out the review below. Oh yeah! I reached  over 400 followers, thanks so much! If you haven't enter my giveaway please do so here.
 Magic Dust
I received two magic dust from Lime crime for review, in which I picked the colors. I picked out Diva and Troubabour. These two colors are very famous in the Lime Crime collection. Diva is a golden color, it's very pigmented and feels very light weight. The other color I received is Troubadour. Troubadour is a exclusive color you can only find on the Lime Crime website. This color is also pigmented with eye primer it brightens up. I must say that Lime Crime take alot of time into there packaging, it's very pretty and so unicorn! There box also comes with tips and tricks you can use. These magic dusts retails for $14.00 each.

 Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Primer
This primer is awesome! The Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Primer is a nude color. It blends very well. It literally last all day. Now I do not know if it works on oily lids because personal I do not have oily lids, so I cannot tell you it works on oily lids because I do not know. The container is so pretty it's a Tiffany's box color with silver. This retails for $17.00  

Great Pink Planet Lipstick
Wow! The color you see on the Lime Crime website is exactly what you get. This lipstick is so opaque and so pigmented with one swipe on the lips you do not really need anymore. The packaging is purple and silver. The decal on the lipstick tube is holographic. It last for a very longtime. Lipsticks retail for $16.00

Check out lime crime website, facebook and twitter! 
This review was sponsored by Lime Crime Makeup.


  1. The lipstick is super pigmented

  2. these products look so gorgeous!

    love your blog, following you now :)


  3. WOW! The packaging looks sooo lovely, I want all of it :D

    much love!

  4. I Love it , so cute things !!


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