08 April 2011

Review: Bag Inc


Bags, Bags, Bags...they are the perfect accessory. I recently received a fantastic bag in the mail from Bag Inc. They sent me the Glam Melrose bag. This bag is versatile. It can go from edgy to classic.  Check out the review below.

Melrose Glam Anarchy Bag

The Melrose bag is made out of Cowhide leather. It's about the size of a LV Speedy 30. On one side of the bag it had studs and on the other it doesn't. It comes with straps and a black duster with the name of the bag on it. I must say this bag is excellent quality, and its semi heavy.  I was looking for a new bag when I came across this. Bag Inc has the best customer service. What you see is what you get! If it's leather your going to get leather, if it is not leather then, its not leather. I'm going to buying a few bags before summer starts and over. The Melrose Glam Anarchy Bag retails for $139.00 but is now of sale for $89.00! Great steal.


 Check out Bag Inc!