21 April 2011

These are the lip colors I've been using mostly through the month of April. My favorite color by far is #3. What do you think?

1. Lime Crime Great Pink Planet + Jordana Lip Out Loud LVU
2. Sante America #2 + Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poison Hypnotize
3. Julie Hewett Destiny + Jordana Easy Shine Lip Color Mango Delight  

What are your lip combos?

19 April 2011

Magnolia Makeup has some of the best pigments by far. Magnolia Makeup is a business based out of New Orleans, owned by two sisters Niala and Tia who were tired of not finding pigmented enough eyeshadows.  I received two pigments in Mystique and Felicity. Check out the review below!

I received two pigments in Mystique and Felicity. Mystique is a Bright Cobalt Blue pigmented color with shimmers. Felicity is a silver gray color with shimmers also. Felicity is also a pigmented color. These pigments were package very pretty and nicely. The shipping was fast. The pigments retail for $10.00 each.  Not only pigments but Magnolia Makeup carries glitter, foundations, blush, translucent powder, bronzers, highlighters, and lip colors.

 These swatches are without primer.

Easy to Blend
Long Lasting
Good Price compared to High end pigments
Nice Packaging 
Large Amount 

Nothing Bad to say!

Check out Magnolia Makeup website and facebook.
This review was sponsored by Magnolia makeup. 

15 April 2011

Jessica you did it again! This shoe is a major hit. Not only is the design is great, the color block colors are a major trend for the spring/summer seasons. This shoes retails for $89.00 and it's going to be a treat to my self for having a great semester in school!

08 April 2011

Bags, Bags, Bags...they are the perfect accessory. I recently received a fantastic bag in the mail from Bag Inc. They sent me the Glam Melrose bag. This bag is versatile. It can go from edgy to classic.  Check out the review below.

Melrose Glam Anarchy Bag

The Melrose bag is made out of Cowhide leather. It's about the size of a LV Speedy 30. On one side of the bag it had studs and on the other it doesn't. It comes with straps and a black duster with the name of the bag on it. I must say this bag is excellent quality, and its semi heavy.  I was looking for a new bag when I came across this. Bag Inc has the best customer service. What you see is what you get! If it's leather your going to get leather, if it is not leather then, its not leather. I'm going to buying a few bags before summer starts and over. The Melrose Glam Anarchy Bag retails for $139.00 but is now of sale for $89.00! Great steal.


 Check out Bag Inc! 


06 April 2011

Thank you to everyone who entered in my first anniversary giveaway. As the years go by the gifts will get bigger but I just want to thank everyone who entered and made this giveaway. The two winners are...

The first Winner is Hershley from Hershley's Sweet Kiss Message Blog. She won the 10 Piece Gift Set. 

 The second winner is Cid from Cid's Style File. She won the 4 piece gift set.

Thank you much everyone, tell me your thoughts for another giveaway!

04 April 2011

"It's so bright, it's illegal!" That is so true about Lime Crime. There colors are bold and spectacular. I sent a few products from the Lime Crime Cosmetics line and I'm in love. There eyeshadows, lipstick and there primer are so good. Check out the review below. Oh yeah! I reached  over 400 followers, thanks so much! If you haven't enter my giveaway please do so here.
 Magic Dust
I received two magic dust from Lime crime for review, in which I picked the colors. I picked out Diva and Troubabour. These two colors are very famous in the Lime Crime collection. Diva is a golden color, it's very pigmented and feels very light weight. The other color I received is Troubadour. Troubadour is a exclusive color you can only find on the Lime Crime website. This color is also pigmented with eye primer it brightens up. I must say that Lime Crime take alot of time into there packaging, it's very pretty and so unicorn! There box also comes with tips and tricks you can use. These magic dusts retails for $14.00 each.

 Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Primer
This primer is awesome! The Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Primer is a nude color. It blends very well. It literally last all day. Now I do not know if it works on oily lids because personal I do not have oily lids, so I cannot tell you it works on oily lids because I do not know. The container is so pretty it's a Tiffany's box color with silver. This retails for $17.00  

Great Pink Planet Lipstick
Wow! The color you see on the Lime Crime website is exactly what you get. This lipstick is so opaque and so pigmented with one swipe on the lips you do not really need anymore. The packaging is purple and silver. The decal on the lipstick tube is holographic. It last for a very longtime. Lipsticks retail for $16.00

Check out lime crime website, facebook and twitter! 
This review was sponsored by Lime Crime Makeup.

02 April 2011

I'm in love with Venomous Cosmetics lip glosses. The owner and creator Tracy was so gracious enough to send me samples of various products from her cosmetic line but today I'm going to be reviewing her Lip poisons. These lip poisons are so smooth and not sticky. I was so surprise by the pigmentation of these. I got three lip poisons, Hypnotize, Genie, and Hysteria.  Hypnotize is orange coral with gold reflex. I love the color. Genie is a pink lip gloss with blue purple reflex. Hysteria is a purple lip gloss with blue reflex. For a small company these lip gloss are very good and long lasting. The thing I did like about the lip poisons  that they have a toothpaste smell. The large sizes cost $5.00 and the purse sizes cost $3.50. Very good prices. I'm most definitely going to by Hypnotize in full size and the purse sizes go great in gift bags! Be sure to check out Venomous Cosmetics.

"It's Deadly...gorgeous!"  

Check out Venomous Cosmetics website and facebook! 
This review was sponsored by Venomous Cosmetics.

01 April 2011

Well I know y'all read my past reviews for several perfumes from Perfume Aromatics but this is the last one...for now! Well today I'm going to reviewing Be Fabulous Night which is the impression of DKNY Be Delicious Night. This perfume hits the nail on the head. Check out everything below.

Be Fabulous Night comes in a well package black and pink box. The bottle is very pretty it is matte black and a shiny purple. The nasal of this sprays tight at first but when used a couple of times it will loosen up. It is 3.3 Fl oz. This is made with the same oils that the designer perfume is made with.  

Be Fabulous Night has a strong sweet scent, which I like because I tend to like strong perfumes. With this it last all day. Be fabulous smells just like Be Delicious Night. Be Fabulous Night is Eau De Perfume. Be Fabulous Night is only $3.99 and Be Delicous Night is $62.00 at the largest bottle size. Check out Perfume Aromatics they are the best!.

See if your favorite perfume is on Perfume Aromatics here!