06 March 2011

What's that smell?...Perfume Aromatics: Review 2!


Well I got some emails and comments about how much you like the review of the Tattooed by Inky perfume review which is the impression of Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier.  I have a second review on another perfume I received from Perfume Aromatics which is Flowers by Touche the impression of Flora by Gucci.

The box and bottle of the Flowers perfume looks just like Flora's box and bottle. It's a great looking bottle. The Flowers perfume is 3.3 OZ and the Flora is 2.5 OZ at the largest. The box of the perfume came with extra padding for safety.

The Flowers and Flora smell the same. It's smells like a rosey, sweet, not lite smell. Surprisingly the Flowers lasted all day, yes! ALL DAY. The Flowers is made with the same essential oils as the Gucci Flora and it is safe. The Flowers perfume is Eau De Parfume. I would by the Flowers because it's a good price and has more product than the original. The flowers is $3.99 and the Gucci Flora is $100 a bottle, which would you choose?

I give Flowers by Touche a 5/5

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FTC:This review was sponsored by Perfume Aromatics.

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  1. I'm going to buy this!

  2. I've been searching for something cheaper in the gucci flora. Thanks so much .

  3. I will be checking them out!

    Great Blog

  4. OMG! I smell a shopping spree.

  5. I'm going to try this scent out.


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