16 March 2011

If you did catch the Basketball wives reunion 2 show, I'm sure you were peeping the outfits. The shoes were hot but Shaunie O'neal shoes were FIRE! They are so different, unique and expensive. Her shoes were custom made by Gasoline Glamour for $3,000. The price of ... lost for words shoes. My favorite look of the night was Gloria Govan, she looked stunning! 

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15 March 2011

Wow! I always wondered what happened to her after her aunt moved, I lost contact with her. So many memories came to my mind on the things we did together. I remember this one time we played like we were at the zoo in my yard, pretended that the animals I had were lions and snakes, I can also remember on that day I got bitten by our pit-bull...Good times (lol) . She was my only friend that was waiting at my house when I came home from the hospital after my surgery, even though I couldn't talk we had fun together. I liked those times when we would sneak food out of our house and would have a picnic in my dollhouse outside...I miss those days. After that a few years went by and we lost touch. It's so funny that we saw each other again in our college english class, I was so nervous I thought she wouldn't remember me but she said "how could I forget you"...I so was happy. You want to know the weirdest thing, we were disconnected for so many years but it's like we never lost touch. I'm happy I gained my first bestfriend back, feels like old times.

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14 March 2011

I'm in love with all of the fragrances I've already reviewed from Perfume Aromatics, to be honest the Tattooed by Inky is almost gone. Anyway, today I'm going to review the La Vida Loca which is the impression of Viva La Juicy. Trust me this is a great alternative to Viva La Juicy.  

The La Vida Loca and Viva La Juicy both resemble each other. They both have the same shape and the pink bow. The La Vida Loca box came with bubble wrap in side for extra protection for safe travel. La Vida Loca is Eau de Perfume and is 3.3 oz fl. Viva La Juicy is 3.4 oz fl at largest. La Vida Loca is $3.99 and Viva La Juicy is $87.

La Vida Loca  has a floral scent which is the same to Viva La Juicy. Viva La Juicy is stronger than La Vida Loca. La Vida Loca last for 7 hours, it also had the same oils that was made with the designer perfume.

I give La Vida Loca 5  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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FTC:This review was sponsored by Perfume Aromatics.

11 March 2011

I love mixing different lip sticks and lip glosses together to make one signature lip color. So I wanted to show you my favorite lip combos.

1. Julie Hewett Lipstick in Ronnie + Julie Hewett Cheekie in Destiny

2.Maxi Collection Lipstick in Golden Bronze + Expression Lipgloss in Brown

3.Emani Minerals Liptick in Drama Queen + Julie Hewett Lipstick in Jacqueline

4. Julie Hewett Cheekie in Destiny + Sante America Lipstick in No.2

What are your favorite lip combos? 

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06 March 2011

Well I got some emails and comments about how much you like the review of the Tattooed by Inky perfume review which is the impression of Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier.  I have a second review on another perfume I received from Perfume Aromatics which is Flowers by Touche the impression of Flora by Gucci.

The box and bottle of the Flowers perfume looks just like Flora's box and bottle. It's a great looking bottle. The Flowers perfume is 3.3 OZ and the Flora is 2.5 OZ at the largest. The box of the perfume came with extra padding for safety.

The Flowers and Flora smell the same. It's smells like a rosey, sweet, not lite smell. Surprisingly the Flowers lasted all day, yes! ALL DAY. The Flowers is made with the same essential oils as the Gucci Flora and it is safe. The Flowers perfume is Eau De Parfume. I would by the Flowers because it's a good price and has more product than the original. The flowers is $3.99 and the Gucci Flora is $100 a bottle, which would you choose?

I give Flowers by Touche a 5/5

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FTC:This review was sponsored by Perfume Aromatics.

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05 March 2011

Happy Birthday Saga of a Fatshionista! March is the month I started Saga of a Fatshionista and it's come a long way. I feel so good that I want to thank every person who has read, followed, and comment, you made it possible. So thanks to you I will be having a giveaway. Two lucky persons will have the chance to win a Sex in the city perfume giftset. All the rules to enter are below and good luck!

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04 March 2011