28 February 2011

What's that smell?...Perfume Aromatics!

 I love perfume, I buy about 3 every two months and it adds up. I was never the one to buy knock off perfumes but when Steve from Perfume aromatics sent me over a variety of perfumes to review I said "It's a first time for everything". I know your probably saying "fake perfumes are the worst", but these are actual good! He sent me four different perfumes, today I'm going to be reviewing Tattooed by Inky which is the impression of Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier.

 The box the perfumes came in were very well packaged, the perfume boxes it self were wrapped with bubble wrap and inside of the perfume box had an extra bubble wrap padding. They were very well secured. 

The Ed Hardy bottle is taller and has a hard plastic covering over the actual bottle of the perfume. The Tattooed is half the size of the Ed Hardy and it has some tattoo decal on it but not as much as the Ed Hardy bottle. The Ed Hardy is 3.4 FL OZ and the Tattooed is 3.3 FL OZ. The sprayer on the Tattooed is great. This is EAU DE PARFUME. Which means it has the same essential oils as a designer perfume.

The Ed Hardy perfume is much stronger than the Tattooed but they both have the same smell. It's a sweet and fruity smell. The Ed Hardy last longer, all day and the Tattooed last about 9hrs depending on your body chemistry. Perfume smells a different way depending on your body chemistry. I bought my Ed Hardy for $74.00 and the Tattooed is $3.99. I would probably buy both, for people who can not afford expensive perfumes, this a great alternative. I can hardly tell the difference between the two. I'm definitely going to be a regular customer of Perfume Aromatics.

I give this a 5/5 

Look out for the other perfume reviews.

For more information about Perfume Aromatics visit them here. 

  FTC: This review was sponsored by Perfume Aromatics.


  1. I'm going to check them out because perfume prices do cost allot. Nice review by the way.

  2. Love Perfume Aromatics! Thanks for this review.

  3. Mmmm love Ed HARDY, sounds like a great alternative.

  4. Thanks for this review because I've been skeptical of knock off's, but I'm going to check them out!

    <3 Delly

  5. Lovvee! I'm going to check them out.

  6. I tried this its very good! Great Review

  7. I tried this, it's very good. Great Review. Gonna check them out.


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