20 December 2010

Today we surprised her at worked, she was so happy that she even cried. I lovvveeeee her so much, she's one of my best friend. I can't imagine the day when she has to leave. Love you shorty <3

19 December 2010

16 December 2010

Well I just want post this to hint hint HINT to my people of what I want this Christmas. It's not allot of stuff, I already got majority of the money for clothes, which I already BLOWED on allot of stuff but the rest of the money I'm getting for more clothes I'm going to use in January. Anyway, the blackberry my mom is probably gonna take me to get before we leave the island on 23rd, I'm so glad I'm not going to be here for the Christmas and kinda bum about it. The perfume I'm getting and the books I'm probably going to get next year; the laptop is probably gonna be here by the time I come back after the Christmas. Well that's it anyway, is that allot? Naaaa I don't think so. I'm going to go Christmas chopping next week. On Monday we're having a surprise party for my mom, she's totally  not expecting it and on monday were my parents 30th anniversary," Hats of to them". That's enough rambling what do you want for Christmas? P.S OMG! It's cold.   


15 December 2010

I first saw the Jasmine Di Milo dress when Ciara strutted  her stuff on the red carpet in it; immediately I googled the dress and found out that this dress cost a whopping $759.00. In these economic times we have to be fashion savvy and get a designer look on a budget. So I stumble upon the ever so lovely Asos.com, where one can always find designer looks for less.  I found the Asos Twist bodycon dress only retailing for $48.27 and now on sale for $33.62. Isn’t that a steal? So would you rather buy the Jasmine di Milo dress for $759.00 or the Asos dress for $33.62, This or That?

10 December 2010

Yes! The Barbie her self celebrated her 26th birthday yesterday December 9th at Tao in Las Vegas. Nicki wore a Body suit covered in Swavorski crystals made by the Blonds. According to Hollywood life the body suit took 5 people over 200 hours to make and piece over 4,000 Swarvoski crystals on it. Ms. Minaj made sure that she was covered from head to toe in Swarvoski crystals, she also wore a pair of Gianmarco Lorenzi Swavorski platform pumps. I must say the bodysuit is BANANAS and the shoes were even better. What do you think of it?