13 November 2010

Haute Fever!


Fever Shoes are running a hot temperature; well know to Hollywood’s finest. Fever shoes is a collection of luxurious footwear that will leave you in a aw. The collection ranges from bedazzled platform heels to studded denim stilettos. You can find the spectacular footwear online or at Fever boutiques in Georgia.   

Natischa Harvey was always a shoe fanatic, at an early age she learned and viewed the concepts and trade of the business. While she attended Clark Atlanta University, Natischa went from working in a shoe store to owning her own brand. She opened her first boutique her junior year of college; after finishing she opened two more locations in the Atlanta area. Talk about a women with a drive and focus.   

Fever shoes were made to be different with varieties of materials and textures that can’t be compared to any other shoe brand. The collection ranges in many different styles and colors. The Tiff shoe has become a crowd pleaser. It’s classic round toe feature with 5 inches in height. The fantastic colors are Bronze, Gold and black

Natischa is taking the shoe game by storm. Fever shoes have also been in national publication such as “Essence”, “Ebony” and “Sister Sister” magazines. Fever has also been débuted at Fashion week 2010 with designer Edwing D’Angelo. Natischa is not only a devoted business women but she also plays a part in the community where she has her own foundation call Reconstructing Youth Foundation.

Catch the Fever at fevershoes.com

Special thanks to Malinda Gardner.

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  1. Wow!
    I love the first one the colour and the design just as i like

  2. I just fell in love...now I have another favorite shoes designers added to my list

  3. Those shoes are fab! I love the last pair!
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    Keep in touch!

    Sarah XXXX


  4. Love those shoes especially the last one, thats fabric like with the wooden finish!


  5. wow! now I know these are completely OTT and not exactly the most practical shoes but I'd love a pair. honestly I'd probably even wear these to the office cos I just wouldnt wanna take them off. Oh and I'm extremely short (5'2") so the extra height would be an awesome bonus :)


  7. I want all of these!! Great post!


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