27 November 2010

Fall Trend Report

Spring is way behind us it’s time to snuggle up in something cozy, look forward to the cooler weather, the fashion it will bring, and the impact it will have on you next year. Yes, fall 2010 trends are on the horizon. With the new season here a lot of new looks and, for those that aren’t new, new takes on established fashion trends.

ATTENTION! Yes, the trend was here for spring 2010 but its back and in action for the fall. I’ll forgive you if your first thought is “military, again?” Yes, military remains a trend for fall 2010 but not as you’ve previously come to know it. Following on from spring 2010 the women military trend, it takes its cues from 20th Century military uniforms. From army green to sheer line boots, it’s now a trend that’s far more subtle but no less appealing.

 Velvet is loved by many, despised by some; but I think the  fall 2010 revival of velvet presents some great new options for your wardrobe. I see styles, from the classically elegant starlet, the vintage-inspired to the feminine velvet clad Dandy… Quality is key, colors are rich, and it can work for everything from pants to dresses, handbags to hats.

Yes, it’s sequins! That long-forgotten, little-used pop of shiny that went the way of the bustle and the snood. They’re back! Sequins have been here for ages and it’s not going anywhere. Every time in the fall season it pops, and this year I love the redesign of it.

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