27 November 2010

Spring is way behind us it’s time to snuggle up in something cozy, look forward to the cooler weather, the fashion it will bring, and the impact it will have on you next year. Yes, fall 2010 trends are on the horizon. With the new season here a lot of new looks and, for those that aren’t new, new takes on established fashion trends.

ATTENTION! Yes, the trend was here for spring 2010 but its back and in action for the fall. I’ll forgive you if your first thought is “military, again?” Yes, military remains a trend for fall 2010 but not as you’ve previously come to know it. Following on from spring 2010 the women military trend, it takes its cues from 20th Century military uniforms. From army green to sheer line boots, it’s now a trend that’s far more subtle but no less appealing.

 Velvet is loved by many, despised by some; but I think the  fall 2010 revival of velvet presents some great new options for your wardrobe. I see styles, from the classically elegant starlet, the vintage-inspired to the feminine velvet clad Dandy… Quality is key, colors are rich, and it can work for everything from pants to dresses, handbags to hats.

Yes, it’s sequins! That long-forgotten, little-used pop of shiny that went the way of the bustle and the snood. They’re back! Sequins have been here for ages and it’s not going anywhere. Every time in the fall season it pops, and this year I love the redesign of it.

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23 November 2010

Hey, I know I haven't posted ANYTHING in a long time, but it's not long now. When the 7th of December is over and done with I will be free for a month. Yes! , FINALS WILL be over. I'm happy to say that I'm passing my classes with good grades. I'm so weird,  do you that when ever I get a test or work paper back I calculate my overall grade for the class...do you do that? I'm kinda efficient. I have this one class where I had 3 projects to do, WHAT! One project in this whole class takes the whole semester...and then the teacher puts me as a group leader of one of the projects, like I don't already have allot on my plate, but me being me I always come through and do it quite well. I guess that's how it is in college. I can't complain though, school fees paid, got all my books on time, got new clothes and a little pocket change at the end of every month, to God be the glory. I'm looking forward to next semester. Well sorry to bore you, hope you all are doing good and if your in college, how are you doing? Ohhh! I almost forgot, my mother promised me if I reached 300 followers by december she will sponsor a giveaway on my blog. Till next time.

13 November 2010

Fever Shoes are running a hot temperature; well know to Hollywood’s finest. Fever shoes is a collection of luxurious footwear that will leave you in a aw. The collection ranges from bedazzled platform heels to studded denim stilettos. You can find the spectacular footwear online or at Fever boutiques in Georgia.   

Natischa Harvey was always a shoe fanatic, at an early age she learned and viewed the concepts and trade of the business. While she attended Clark Atlanta University, Natischa went from working in a shoe store to owning her own brand. She opened her first boutique her junior year of college; after finishing she opened two more locations in the Atlanta area. Talk about a women with a drive and focus.   

Fever shoes were made to be different with varieties of materials and textures that can’t be compared to any other shoe brand. The collection ranges in many different styles and colors. The Tiff shoe has become a crowd pleaser. It’s classic round toe feature with 5 inches in height. The fantastic colors are Bronze, Gold and black

Natischa is taking the shoe game by storm. Fever shoes have also been in national publication such as “Essence”, “Ebony” and “Sister Sister” magazines. Fever has also been d├ębuted at Fashion week 2010 with designer Edwing D’Angelo. Natischa is not only a devoted business women but she also plays a part in the community where she has her own foundation call Reconstructing Youth Foundation.

Catch the Fever at fevershoes.com

Special thanks to Malinda Gardner.

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07 November 2010

 Basic essentials in your closet are a must. Everyone has their choosing of what are their essentials in their closet. Some may have skirts, some may have bags, but what I bring to you are fashion staples that every woman should have in her closet. Pieces that can be dressed up or down. A true Fashionista knows. 

Basic Tees and Tanks

Everyone should have tees and tanks, they are a basic essential. It can be dressed up or down. You can add a scarf, necklaces jacket and so many more. Where people go wrong with tees and tanks is, they buy statement tee’s and tanks. For example tees that have writing or graphics on them. With graphic tee’s the letter or graphics fade out and if you’re like me I tend to notice if people wear things a lot. So you can never go wrong with plain basic Tees’s in various colors.


Jeans are an essential that everyone has; you can never go wrong with a pair of jeans. When buying jeans always get different styles and washes of jeans. A new trend that came in this year are jeggings, which are leggings that look like jeans. Jeggings are super comfortable and if you’re in a lazy mood you can put them on and go. They range from different prices but you can find them at any clothing store. Remember you never have too many jeans.



 A cardigan is a staple piece that you should have your closet. A cardigan is a sweater but it can be found in many styles and cuts. Add your own flare to make it your own. 

The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is sexy, flirty, it’s the go to dress, it is a must have. The good thing about the little black dress it can be worn for any occasion, you can dress it up. My tip is to make sure the dress material is good quality, find one that is flattering to your body type. Remember where going for classy not trashy.  

Classic Heels

It is the perfect shoe that goes with basically any outfit, they are the must have shoe. The classic black pump is the right one, not too high, not too low, just right.  It a basic essential every woman should have in you closet. They have many different styles like the, peep-toe, patent leather and platform. So there are many styles you can choose from.   

04 November 2010

What's Good Everyone? Things have been pretty crazy for the past couple of weeks, school is going good, I passed my mid term exams. I have two projects which have to be done by the third week in this month. Other than that I'm great! Oh yeah! Guess what? I just got the most awesome blogging job. I'm now a fashion blogger on a website call shesomajor.com, It's a great thing and good way to get my self out there. If your wondering how I got it, well I followed the blog since the begging of this year and about 2 weeks ago, I saw a little banner that was asking for you know people to join the team, so I emailed the young woman who is in charge of the website and I made sure link my blog to show her what I do, and poof I got.  It's a well known site here in the Bahamas and internationally. I'm super stoked about it, I've already started blogging. So be sure to check out shesomajor.com. I also want to thank you guys for following me, reading, commenting, entering the contests. Thanks so much. Till next time,