27 October 2010

Spring Fashion Watch 2011

As soon as you know it fall and winter will be gone. You’ll have to hang up your coats and slip into something a little cooler. Spring is such a colorful season; you can get away with wearing purple and yellows. I want to show you the top five trends for the spring 2011 season. Right off the runways of New York City, London, Milan, and Paris, I bring you the season’s biggest trends, ranges from Asian inspired tailoring to translucent layering.  

                                                                   Floral Prints

Fashion houses from Louis Vuition to Loewe played up patterns for spring. These watercolor blooms and hypnotic symmetries looks like it belong as wallpaper but they’re far from wallflowers.








  Let’s get down to business.

Men tailored suit takes a modernistic twist with a feminine vibe. Men’s wear was big last season but it’s making its way back. Visible proportions with a fitted look, takes business to a whole other level. Household name Hermes showed it off at Fashion week.



Looks like lace is marching on into the spring season, and its not going anywhere. Traditional lace takes a modern turn for the spring with unexpected shapes and trimmings. Full body lace in sophisticated, feminine silhouettes is fresher than anything you’ll find in Grandma’s closet.  







   Light Jean

Remember in the 90’s when it was ok, to wear a denim jacket or shirt with denim jeans. Well poof it’s that time again. Chambray, denim’s light cousin is slipping her way back into the spring season of 2011. Designers from Derek Lam to Thakoon showcased in their spring collection line 2011 at Fashion week with this denim trend. This trend is no problem for me, with its true blue material and relaxing vibe, it will be smooth sailing.  


 Get Sheer

Mesh has always been a sexy and sultry for decades. Designers played it up this spring mixing sheer material over solid pinning’s. With a great modesty, designers such as Givenchy to Alberto Ferretti add pops of colors to brighten the mood.

Remember you don’t have to pay thousands for a designer look, there are always trends on a budget.


  1. I like this trends, look forward to it!

  2. I'm a huge fan of lace and can wait to start rocking this trend. Nice post :)


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