18 October 2010

Fall Trend Report

Their are so many trends for this season, some of them you may have seen on celebrities, friends and family. Have you pick up any key peices for the fall season? Some of the peices that I put together are peices that can be worn from season to season. For one, the leopard cardi, leopard is not going out of style no time soon, I picked up a leopard cardigan back in september from asos.com from the curve collection, I love that cardigan. I can dress it up or down. A next item I recently bought is skinny cargo pant, everybody went crazy when they saw Kim Kardashion wearing them. I picked mines up from alloy.com. I can go on and on about these pieces but I think you know. Just remember you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to be fashionable, you can be stylish and trendy on a budget, be sure to buy key trend peices and mix them with other items from a previous season. Hope you enjoy the post. Till next time.

You can find these pieces here:
Skinny Cargo Pant at Alloy.com
Leopard Cardi at Alloy.com
Riding Boots at Alloy.com
Fur Vest at Macys.com
Peplum Skirt at Macys.com
Army Jacket at Macys.com

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  1. That leopard cardigan is really cute!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Great stuff! Love the Cardi, Cargo's and the Jackets.

  3. Fall trend report ♡! Great Picks. Thanks for the tip, its' a great way to save money...

    Megzie Lee

  4. I'm really into the Boho Chic, so the fur vest is a go for me!

  5. Love the post! you really have a good fashion sense and a wonderful blog. Keep it up Babe.

  6. I love fall and the colors, especially the trends.


  7. The cargo pants r really nice.



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