21 July 2010

GoJane.com Review!

FTC: I was sent this pair of shoes for free , for review purposes only. I am not bragging in anyway and these are my personal opinion on the product. I am not affiliated with the company and I am not being paid to do this review. 

Hey Fashionista's, I recently received a pair of shoes from gojane.com, that are absolutely HOT!. If you don't already know, gojane.com is a website that sells all the essentials to make an outfit. I got a chance to pick out a pair of shoes that are so cute, the first one I picked sold out in my size, but I was ok when she told me I can pick out a new pair, which was freshly put on the site when I went to pick again, It was faith!. Off course I had to pick the black slouchy peep-toe booties, that are 4.5 inches in height. When I received them in the mail, it came in a plastic package that has gojane.com printed all over it, It also came with a gojane.com sticker. I think that shipping was pretty fast, with me living in the Bahamas. By the way I do not ship to my address in the Bahamas, I use a courier service, which is a life saver. Gojane.com has really good prices if your shopping on a budget and great customer service. Unfortunately gojane.com does not sell plus sizes which sucks , they have really cute dresses. These shoes are $23.40 here. Be sure to check out Gojane.com and hope your having a great day.

I give Gojane a 4/5

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  1. yes was my first time ordering from go jane so i have yet to make judgement when i receive my order.. i live in the Caribbean but i to use a courier service

  2. Those are cute. I nominated you for the cosmopolitan blog awards.

  3. I like them, they are cute.


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