13 July 2010


Friends, I remember a time when I said I don't need friends, I born by myself  I'm going to die by myself, well I still think that way but you need atleast one person who you can talk to and relate to. Is it sad to say that I can count my friends on my fingers? I have 1 friend that I've  known since diapers, I lost touch with her through they years then her and I  went to the same school in grade 10 and it started all over again we do everything together, we even started a business together. On the other hand I lost touch with my other bestfriend. we talk here and there after she got pregnant, I thought she was going to come back to school but I guess I thought wrong.  Then I had a best friend who I talked to mostly everyday but for some reason that I don't know we stopped talking . As I look at it now I really don't know the reason, but she's coming to my birthday dinner and I'll know or talk or whatever. I don't know how it feels to be friends with people my own age, everyone is older than, . Does everyone has that group of friends that, one is the maneater, one single one, one is secretive and so on. I think that I'm the one who always plays the psychiatrist lol , yeaaaahh., but as I move on in life I'll meet people, lose people. Like my mom says things happens for a reason. Oh! and that crap about you keep in contact with your "friends" after you graduate high school, it's not true; atleast for me. I love all my friends , they are truly the best. Have you lost a friend and want to restart your friendship?. I know this is such a random post, but I gotta get random some times. LOL, that reminds me of a lady sovereign song.


  1. I trully believe that people come into our lives and stay for as long as they're needed for us to learn something or to teach them something.
    And I know it kinda sounds silly, but I do believe it!
    p.s.I tend to be the psychologist as well

  2. Girlllllllllll....this post is NOT random! It's exactly what I've been feeling these days. You're lucky you have one girlfriend...I don't have any! Like you, I've been the psychiatrist, only to find that there's no one to listen to me when I need someone. I've been dying to go on a girls trip...to some where exotic...or just shopping in NY...but no girls to go with me! I'd love to find a friend that shares my passion for makeup and all things beautiful...but no one is interested! I've thought about trying to reconnect...but wonder if that will just put me in the psychiatrist position again. Ah...now, who's random? Sorry of for the long comment!

    I hope your birthday dinner goes well!



  3. @Ria- I belive that too! Thanks for commenting.

    @Brynn- Thanks for commenting, Lol I have more than one bestfriend but it was to much to say in one post. Yeah its good to go on trips and do other stuff with your friends, try something different where you can meet new friends, or if you know your friends well, do something that they like,where you can find out more about them more and become real close again. If your friends are not all friends with each other.

    Thanks once again girls!

  4. Great post, http://145thandchloe.blogspot.com/ I know you'll love it xoxo

  5. People come into your life when you need them.

    I have always believed that its about the quality of your friends and not the quantity of friends you have!

  6. I agree with Jackie... people come in your life for a reason and its not about the quantity of a friends it the quality.

  7. ohhhh i know what you mean!!

    (this might be a long response...b/c its happened to me with different friends).

    my first bff i met when i was 11 in 6th grade. we went to the same high school and always said when we "grew up" we would be each others MOH, and then buy houses next door to each other in the rich part of town. then we went to different colleges. we drifted apart and we each have our set of friends, but i know at any time when we *do* get together it's like we're the same 11 year old girls who are BFFs.

    on the other hand, i met 2 of my other bffs in a dance group i was in for 14 years. we didnt have anything else in common besides that. i was the oldest, then one was a year younger than me, and the third a year younger. i went to high school with the youngest, but we didnt really hang out there. fast forward to our college years. we all went to different schools. i did a four year university, one did a vocational type thing, and the other did a 4yr then community college. A LOT of things happened. once i was being alienated, then we fixed that....then another time one of the other girls was doing her thing...then this last time, it seems as if its gonna take a little more effort to be as close as we were.

    actually...im not too sure how this one is going to play out. i was really really upset that one of them missed my graduation from college. but after a while she resurfaced and told me her story. its not that i dont still feel bad that she missed out on one of the important moments in my life; its just she was doing what she thought was best for HER. and i have to accept that. b/c thats what best friends do.

    i've collected another few bffs in college and we still keep in touch.

    through FB i even reconnected with my bff from when i was 4 years old!

    i guess the point of the matter is: the types of friendships you have with each bff is different. sometimes im the listener, sometimes im the one that needs to be heard, sometimes im the psychiatrist, other times im the crazy one. but no matter what i know i can still spill my secrets to each of these girls and guys.

    well i think thats it....or at least enough. haha thanks for letting me share! =)

    hope u had a wonderful birthday!!!


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